7 Signs Concrete Sidewalks Require Repairs as Soon as Possible

7 Signs Concrete Sidewalks Require Repairs as Soon as Possible

Some common signs that concrete sidewalks require repairs include it has been over twenty years, tree roots are growing through the surface, the color is fading, deicing salts have been used in the winter, or there are large cracks in the surface – just to name a few. Whether you want to keep your personal sidewalk or driveway up to par, or you are a county official seeking guidance on when you need to repair local concrete sidewalks, we are here to help. In any case, when the need arises for concrete repairs in Toronto, Turnbull Masonry is here to get the job done right.

7 Signs Concrete Needs Repair

Concrete normally lasts over 20 years before you need to look at getting it repaired. Of course, there are countless exceptions to this rule. To help you understand when concrete is due for a touch-up, we have prepared 7 signs for you to keep in mind below. Use the following signs as a reference, and not necessarily a universal rule as to when to repair your concrete sidewalks.

1. It Has Been Over 20 Years

Concrete has been reported to last over 50 years. However, this isn’t always (or even typically) the case. In fact, concrete almost always needs repairs before 50 years comes and goes. The level of repairs required depends on factors such as the level of traffic the surface sees, local climate conditions, and much more. Concrete sidewalks commonly require repairs at the twenty-year mark.

2. You Have Salted Concrete During Snowstorms

In Toronto we have real winters filled with cold weather, and when it snows people put salt on the sidewalks and streets. Although salt offers wonderful short-term benefits, it can take a toll on the lifespan of your sidewalk. Salt tends to create damage such as potholes on sidewalks.

3. There are Large Cracks in the Concrete

Cracks in concrete is not always a problem or even cause for concern. Yet, larger cracks or cracks that continually expand require repairs before they get too out of hand. Once adequate cracks are spotted, they should be repaired promptly. Otherwise, the problem could grow and become costlier to fix.

4. Rough Surface

The last thing you need when enjoying a pleasant walk on the sidewalk is to endure a rough and uneven surface. After all, having a smooth path is one of the primary reasons for installing a sidewalk in the first place! Therefore, the instant you see roughness start to appear on your sidewalk you should immediately start acting to fix it right away.

5. Water Pools on the Surface

If you can see water stacking up on your concrete slabs, this is almost always a sign that you need immediate repairs done. Normally, water will dissipate quickly when it is placed on concrete. If it gathers and pools, the concrete is probably eroded enough to merit a repair job.

6. Color is Fading

When concrete is freshly placed, it has a natural beautiful grey color to it. Over time, this color tends to fade and can even become unsightly. If you notice the color starting to face, this is generally a bad sign. Repairs can be done to keep sidewalks looking nice, clean and modern.

7. Trees Roots Are Coming Through

If you notice tree roots coming through the surface of a sidewalk, this is generally an immediate sign that something needs to be done. Tree roots take a long time to grow through concrete. When this happens, you should have the roots removed and concrete repaired by an experienced contractor. 

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