Add Character To Your Home’s Exterior With Bricks

Add Character To Your Home’s Exterior With Bricks

There are tons of options out there when it comes to building a strong exterior for your home, but they might have some downsides of which you are not aware. 

Strength, durability, and resilience towards natural elements often takes precedence over other factors, when choosing materials for your home’s exterior. Fortunately, it is not a concern for homeowners anymore because with bricks you can execute virtually any design style for your home’s exterior. To prove it, let’s take a look at some design ideas and general tips which can help you spruce up your home’s appearance with bricks. 

Old Brick Houses Have Outlasted Others

When you spot those old-school brick houses, did you wonder how they survived for so long without showing many signs of damage? This eco-friendly material can withstand some of the harshest environmental conditions. Additionally, you don’t have to feel like you are stuck with the same old red brick exterior anymore since they come in various colors, including brown, gray, and white. 


Most bricks are made out of shale and clay. These can be found in abundance naturally. Not only that, but the recycled value of bricks is also well worth the investment. For instance, if you decide to tear down a brick wall, you can repurpose those bricks in other projects. They can be used to line pathways, build a boundary wall for your garden, and even broken down to be used as sub-base materials. 

Bricks have a naturally high resistance towards mold and rot. They can withstand high levels of humidity without developing signs of damage. But more importantly, when the time does come and you need to dispose of them, they do not leak harmful chemicals and micro particles into the environment. 

Durable And Low Maintenance

Bricks can withstand seasonal fluctuations much better than vinyl or wood. This is one of the reasons their use is increasing in the construction of new homes these days. They are also resilient to shocks and do not develop cracks or dents easily. Unlike wood, there is no threat of a fire in the house either. It will be a long time before the sun or a fire can heat up your bricks to make them crack or shatter. 

They can also hold up against strong winds quite well. Their strength and durability also helps you secure a lower insurance rate, although it is subjected to the provider you use. When it comes to maintenance, you will not have to worry about cracks or rotting for years to come. Common threats like termites or ants don’t have anything to feed on in your brick walls, so that is one less issue to worry about. Unlike other alternatives, you won’t even have to paint your exterior every few years. Modern bricks can maintain their color and appearance for decades before showing any signs of wear. 

Bricks Are Fire Resistant

Bricks are non-combustible. Their resistance towards fire is extremely high and they can curb the spread of a fire for up to four hours. However, it might be a little less depending on the type of clay used for the bricks. Bricks have to undergo temperatures of more than 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit during the manufacturing process, so you can rest easy knowing they can hold up well against fires. 

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