Adding Brick Accents to Your Home

Adding Brick Accents to Your Home

Adding brick accents to your home offers a number of benefits. After all, bricks are beautiful and allow for the addition of color and creativity to your home. On top of the beauty brick accents bring to your home, brick provides the unique advantages of being energy efficient and delivering added insulation. Brick accents are low maintenance, sustainable, and weatherproof options which add style and design to your spaces. Plus, as an investment in your property, brick accents come with the promise of durability, while increasing the value of your home. Let’s explore some of the ways you can incorporate the beauty of brick in your home, both inside and out.    

Enhance Aesthetics with the Addition of a Brick Walkway

Brick is the perfect solution for creating beautiful walkways for your property and preserving the integrity of your lawn. Brick walkways can be added to welcome guests into your home or as pathways winding around your property’s garden. Paving bricks are created to be stronger than traditional bricks so they can withstand the constant traffic they endure. When designing your pathway, you can plan a winding or straight path, long or short, designed uniquely for your home, but all brick pathways should be wide enough for two adults to walk side by side comfortably. You may even discover, once your walkway is complete, you’d like to add more brick accents like a patio or a gate.

Increase Privacy with the Addition of a Brick Accented Gate or Privacy Wall

A gated fence means increased privacy for your home and property. Brick can add charm to existing fencing with columns or pillars designed to complement. If you have wrought iron fencing, brick is the perfect addition offering a beautiful contrasting element alongside the rich green color of your lawn. If you don’t have a fence or even plan to add one, you can still add a brick entry to your property, like a brick arch over your new brick entryway, welcoming guests to your home.

While you may not have considered it, the addition of a brick privacy wall can serve to add more privacy to your patio or backyard space. You are likely familiar with the use of bricks for retaining walls which keep the ground around your yard from eroding in poor weather conditions, but did you know brick can be used decoratively for privacy walls. Adding a tall brick wall to your patio area offers privacy when you want to kick back and relax. You can even design a privacy wall with varying heights to add interest to your outdoor space and provide areas to display plants, start an herb garden, or grow seasonal flowers.

Moving Inside – Accent Your Interior with a Brick Wall or Fireplace

Adding a brick accent wall inside the home is more popular than ever before. Regardless of your home’s décor or your personal style, a brick wall is a great addition to your home interior. This high-end look can complement any number of styles from rustic to modern, vintage to minimalist, industrial to cozy, with the promise of rich color and attractive textural interest. From the bedroom to the kitchen, and all the rooms in between, a brick accent wall may be just the design element you have been hoping to add to your home. If you have an older home, you may discover a beautiful brick wall hiding beneath layers of drywall, but if not, you can always add one with the help of the experts at Turnbull Masonry.

One final brick accent you may have considered is the addition of a brick fireplace. You may find your existing fireplace features iron, pillars, or tiles, but in most cases, you can renovate it with beautiful bricks. From hearth to mantel, bricks are the timeless choice for your fireplace.

Whatever brick accent you choose for your home – inside or out – Turnbull Masonry can help you achieve the look and style you want.