An Overview of Masonry Restoration

An Overview of Masonry Restoration

Masonry is a branch of construction in which trained masons build structures which are bound together with mortar. Masonry utilizes materials such as brick, stone, concrete, and more to create beautiful, durable, and long-lasting structures. The art of masonry requires training and understanding in not only the workmanship, but the quality and design of all the materials involved. Masonry professionals not only construct structures but also repair brick, concrete, and stonework.

Masonry Restoration Explained

Masonry restoration professionals can seek to preserve, restore, and even transform existing structures of every shape and size. Brickwork, stonework, and other masonry structures, though built to last, require some maintenance overtime. Brickwork and masonry can chip, crack, and crumble, making walls, foundations, chimneys, and other structures to become unstable and unsafe without the needed restoration. Whatever your project, masonry restoration contractors will work in its scope to keep your project on time and on budget.

Maintenance Repairs and Maintenance

Masonry restoration companies should have the training and expertise to make the needed repairs and perform necessary maintenance to your brickwork, masonry, stonework, and the like. Over time, masonry can deteriorate, resulting in cracks and other damage. This damage may mean loose bricks, bulging bricks, crumbling mortar joints, and falling bricks. When damage and deterioration occur, the property loses its curb appeal and many cases can become dangerous should a wall or structure be prone to collapse. A well-qualified masonry contractor can determine the need for a full restoration or repairs which will restore safety, durability, and beauty to your structure.

Regular maintenance can help property owners avoid the need for extensive brick and masonry repairs or restoration. Over the years, dirt, debris, weather, and pollution can make brick and stonework appear dingy, having lost its original aesthetic as well as its curb appeal. When then happens, property values often go down, plus environmental contaminants and pollutants can damage the structure. To avoid these issues and more, a masonry restoration company can clean and protect your brick, concrete, stucco, and stone surfaces, restoring them to their original beauty and strength. They can even recommend whether waterproofing services are appropriate for your surfaces and apply them properly to protect your property in the future.

Exploring Historic Restoration

Historic restoration projects restore the beauty and strength of historic properties as well as extending the life of the structure. Historic restoration requires precision workmanship and years of experience with an extensive knowledge of the masonry industry and historical building practices. The goal of historic masonry restoration is preservation and restoration.

The professionals at Turnbull Masonry are experts in historical restorations, including historic preservation, historic rehabilitation, and historic reconstruction. Historic preservation restores and stabilizes a building while maintaining its historical appearance. The process leaves original materials in place and re-uses existing materials from the property. Historic rehabilitation remains true to the historic design and context while making the structure functional for today’s modern applications. Historic reconstruction is the art of maintain historical appearances while utilizing all new materials. It is often used when buildings have gone past the point of survival. Historic restoration requires the deft hand of an experienced professional masonry restoration expert to accomplish project goals.

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