Answers to Your Brick Masonry Questions

Answers to Your Brick Masonry Questions

Turnbull Masonry offers services like brickwork and repair, brick masonry installation, and maintenance and repair services for the same. When customers have vintage homes, they require repairing services because bricks crumble with time. If the customers need to build a brick chimney from scratch, Turnbull Masonry offers the right solution for it. The brickwork offered by Turnbull Masonry ensures bricks are durable, of good quality, and expertly installed. They also focus on preventing structural damage to the new brick installed. The professional team at Turnbull Masonry understands the complete requirements of brick repair and provides appropriate solutions as per the requirements of their customers. The main focus of Turnbull Masonry is to provide 100% satisfaction to customers by employing the best processes to repair and install bricks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – 1. What Is The Durability Of A Brick Wall?

Ans: The National Institute for Standards and Technology reports that brick buildings have long-term sustainability and they are a good choice to build commercial buildings and residential properties. Brick walls allow houses to remain insulated which means they receive protection from severe cold and hot weather during peak seasons. When customers hire Turnbull Masonry to construct brick walls, they will get the best solution at an affordable cost.

Q – 2. What Are The Key Advantages Of Using Bricks?


  • Bricks are a heat-resistant material.
  • Brick helps to reduce fire hazards in houses and businesses.
  • Brick acts as a natural soundproof agent for houses since it reduces noise pollution.
  • Brick is maintenance-free material.
  • When repair is required, customers can remove or replace only the damaged brick rather than the whole brick wall at once.

Q – 3. Are Bricks Generally A Natural Construction Material?

Ans: Bricks are made up of natural materials such as clay and shale. The other kinds of building materials have shown a rapid decline. Bricks are natural building materials that require minimal maintenance. Bricks also provide good insulation to buildings and use lesser energy since the need for air conditioning reduces.

Q – 4. What Will Happen To The Color Of Brick With Time?

Ans: The advantage of using bricks is that its natural color will never fade away and it doesn’t require any painting or maintenance. Customers can hire Turnbull Masonry to get the right kind of brick solution to meet their commercial and residential needs.

Q -5. How To Remove Chipped Paint From Brick Walls?

Ans: Customers should never use the sandblasting method to remove chipped paint. Rather they should seek professional assistance from Turnbull Masonry to find the right solution for this problem. Avoid using any method which damages the outer layer of the brick wall. This damage cannot be repaired easily. It is advisable to use bricks in their natural form without using any kind of exterior paint on the bricks.

Q – 6. What Are The Key Components Of A Brick?

Ans: Bricks are made up of natural ingredients like clay-bearing soil, sand, and lime. Bricks are also comprised concrete materials which have a mix of clay. The red color of the brick comes from various natural ingredients and the kind of soil used to make it.


Turnbull Masonry provides customized solutions to meet brick repairing needs for their customers. Furthermore, Turnbull Masonry offers years of experience to customers and this makes them a perfect choice for the brickwork that can add character to their houses and commercial buildings. Professional advisors at Turnbull Masonry provide the right advice to customers so that they choose a cost-effective solution that lasts long. Customers can contact Turnbull Masonry to avail excellent services like repair, maintenance, and rebuilding houses or commercial buildings by using bricks as the main component.