Benefits of Brick Exterior

Benefits of Brick Exterior

Did you know that the Castle of the Teutonic Order in Malbork, Poland, is the world’s largest brick castle? Bricks as exterior have more than durability to offer. They also add beauty, creative flair, neatness to the house, and a slew of other advantages.

Easy to clean

Ever wondered how often you need to clean the exterior of your house? Well, owners with houses having brick exteriors have it easy for them. Cleaning brick exterior requires materials that are readily available to you. A mixture of water, salt, and soap should leave your brick wall sparkly clean. Alternatively, you can hire a professional from Toronto who offers brick cleaning services.

Brick homes require low maintenance

It is never the end of cost when your house is fully built and up! Every house that’s up will always require some sort of maintenance. Brick houses offer it easy on you. They don’t require any painting costs nor do they decay as a result of moisture.  All you will ever have to deal with are minimal leaks which can easily be solved by Brick Repair personnel within Toronto. 


Bricks are one of the best building materials because of their resistance to fire. Bricks are hardened through their baking process. They are baked at about 2000 degrees Celsius. This means that they have an enormous tolerance to fire. For this same reason, bricks are used for making chimneys that purify the air from the fireplace. 

However, it is always a good practice to ensure that your brick chimney is fully functional. If in doubt, great masonries around Toronto will have you sorted in no time with their Chimney repair services!


Brick is dense and durable. This is because of the heating process they undergo in kilns. The heat fuses the clay particles in the bricks making them stronger. This makes them resistant to the outside weather conditions that usually make other building materials tone.  

This also leaves you with a minimalistic to no budget for maintaining them. Once in a while, you can always call in Toronto cleaning experts to polish them up and add to their longevity.

Value addition

Bricks have a low maintenance cost. They are like fine wine. When they age, they get better. Buildings made out of bricks can be repurposed and reused over a long time.


Bricks are thick materials. Its mass helps to reduce sound or noise penetration through the wall. It separates you from the outside busy world.  This makes it easy to leave almost anywhere in the world. Whether it’s near a noisy road or a busy town, you got bricks to thank for.


Bricks are made out of 100 percent natural materials that are readily available. Bricks could also be reused easily to make other constructions. Bricks that have already been used to construct buildings can be reused in other construction projects whether temporary or permanent. That is, you have control over the possibilities. 

Natural air-conditioners

Bricks are efficient when it comes to maintaining the temperatures of your home’s interior. They act as insulators and slow excessive transfer of heat into the house which results in extreme heat build-ups. This ensures a comfortable stay in your home during summer. 

Endless possibilities of design

Bricks come in a wide range of colors depending on the soil shades of your region. It brings design authenticity to your house. It has many color choices and blends to choose from helping you to achieve the exterior you desire.


Bricks not only provide a comfortable and safe space to call home, but they also make beautiful and long-lasting houses. They are easily available and their durability makes them more demanding. And the fact that they are good insulators of heat makes them good building materials for winter houses. Well if you need masonry contractor help whether it’s building or repairing, contact Turnbull Masonry