Benefits Of Professional Chimney Inspections

Benefits Of Professional Chimney Inspections

Chimneys are an essential part of a home, especially if you have a fireplace. It helps in ventilating combusted air, and the smoke that comes from burning wood. They direct these gases from the fireplace, or from the stove, through the roof. Many people think that only fireplaces need chimneys. This is far from the truth. 

In fact, any source of heat that burns wood, coal, gas and oil requires a chimney where the combusted air can escape and not stay inside your house. Though chimneys are helpful in keeping the air in your house regulated, they can pose a threat when they are left unchecked for a very long time. Making sure your chimney is checked by a professional regularly can be beneficial in many ways.

Reduce The Risk of Fire

A chimney needs regular care and maintenance to reduce the risk of fire. There are several factors that can increase the risk of fire if a chimney is left unchecked for long. Everytime you burn wood, smoke will pass through the chimney, and leave creosote that will eventually thicken over time if not cleaned. 

Creosote mainly comes from unburned wood particles, and is highly combustible. They can lead to unwanted fires and other health hazards if not taken care of. Having your chimney inspected by a professional can help reduce the risk of house fire.

Keep You Away From Health Problems

A fireplace is a great source of warmth to keep you comfortable during the winter season. But like other sources of heat, it also requires periodic maintenance. While they are mostly safe, the creosote that builds up in your chimney is not. It can not only raise the risk of a house fire, but is dangerous to your health too. 

The longer you are exposed to these particles in your house, it can lead to irritation of lungs and breathing problems. Direct skin contact with creosote can also cause blistering, peeling and reddening of the skin. Though it is very rare, accidentally consuming food or liquids with creosote can cause burning in the mouth and stomach pain. 

Immediate Solution to Cracks and Damages

Flue cracks are dangerous and can pose a great threat to your house. Unless you have a modern chimney that uses stainless steel as the flue lining, you may need to take additional measures to prevent it. If you have a house that uses clay, which is much more brittle, then you have to watch out for small openings between the bricks. 

Fire can easily seep through these cracks and ignite other combustible material around your chimney causing damage that you may not notice right away. If your chimney is very old and if you notice any signs of deterioration with the masonwork, then it is time to call a professional to help deal with it.

Make Your Chimney Function Well

Blockages may occur in your chimney from time to time. That is why it is important to check them regularly. Aside from the thick creosote that sticks to the flue’s lining, there are also other reasons why a blockage may occur. It could be caused by leaves, debris, bird nests, wasp’s nests, damaged internal bricks, and more. The smoke and other dangerous gases that are supposed to get out through your roof may blow back into your house if your chimney is blocked. 

Making sure that your chimney is in good condition is crucial to you and your family’s health and safety. Most problems only occur when they are neglected for long but accidents are fairly common too. To reduce the risk of these dangerous situations, call a professional and have them inspect it. 

At Turnbull Masonry, we understand how important it is to keep your chimneys in good shape. Besides chimney repair, we offer a myriad of services such as brick repair, concrete repair, tuckpointing, parging, and more. If you think that your chimney is in urgent need of an inspection or repair, get in touch with our team today!