Benefits of Using Bricks

Benefits of Using Bricks

When choosing building material, it can be a daunting task, but what’s certain is that bricks are reliable. For hundreds of centuries, this material has been a primary source of construction material. While we have concrete that boasts of great quality and durability, brick still has a solid share of the market. And the following benefits of using bricks are key reasons why you need it:

Low Maintenance

With bricks, you can keep your maintenance budget low. Painting is optional since it comes with natural color. It doesn’t rot even when the climate is harsh. And unlike most building materials it can withstand insects like termites which are a menace to properties. What you need to maintain it impeccable is occasional scrubbing with a brush.

Exceptional Thermal Properties

When it comes to energy efficiency, Bricks have exceptional thermal properties. Thanks to the thermal mass of this material, your home can remain warm during winter. The material can absorb heat and then release it slowly in the house. And in summer, the slow heating property of this material keeps your home cool. And for the best insulation in your home, combine brick with insulators and you will never complain about the cold.

Safe from Moisture, Wind, and Fire

Surprisingly, bricks can withstand various sorts of external pressure acting on them including moisture, wind, and fire. The material is non-combustible thanks to the clay content. Knowing that bricks can withstand up to 1000o C, even bushfire cannot bring down a house with brick only.

In keeping out moisture, the brick veneer does an excellent job. While they are not waterproof, they can resist the penetration of rainwater accompanied by wind. As such, they will protect the underlying material from rot or mold growth.

Natural Product

Brick is safe to the environment when in use or during disposal. It’s pure clay which is a natural material on earth in abundance. Therefore, if you want to contain construction waste in the environment, bricks are the best. Also, they are great in reusing since they can retain their sturdiness and aesthetics longer. Clay being inert is purely non-toxic and safe for household use.

Good Looking

You will find them from classic Victorian houses to ultra-modern concept homes. Therefore, they are perfect for building masterpiece houses. The natural beauty of bricks adds a touch of nature at home and a classic feel. In the surrounding, whether it’s the walkways or your patio, they add a cozy feel. So, if you want to add exceptional beauty with low maintenance to your property, try this material.


No material has stood the test of time like bricks. For over 6000 years, this material has been used in the construction of houses and other properties. Around the world, you will find brick buildings still standing strong for hundreds of years. And to appreciate the durability of this material, it can face nature head-on. Whether it’s hot summer or freezing temperature in winter, they provide comfort and assurance of structural integrity.

Structural Capability

While it’s a classic building material, there have been innovative ways of transforming bricks for versatility. Now, you can find various brick tiles with varying designs for roofing. There are brick blocks that support small structures like houses as well as those for mega apartments. And on pavements, we now have brick pavers with various designs to choose from.

What’s Your View?

No material can compare to the class and elegance that bricks add to a property. And none can outlast it in the presence of environmental pressure. It’s a versatile material that doubles as a structural material and roof. Also, you can have brick pavers as complementary and for practicality.

If you want assistance in using bricks for any construction project, contact Turnbull Masonry.