Brick Interior – Knowing When to Repair

Brick Interior - Knowing When to Repair

Cracks and dents are tell-tale signs of brick walls that need repair. While many of you might already know this, treating damaged brick walls as early as possible is key to avoiding further damage. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to figure this out with a simple glance. Although masonry walls are quite durable, they do require maintenance from time to time. 

As with most other repair works, masonry repair can be an exhausting process without professional assistance. If you notice any signs that your brick walls may be in need of repair or restoration, it’s always best to seek professional help instead of trying to tackle the project yourself. Luckily, there are many ways you can tell your brick wall may be in need of urgent care. 

How to Spot Early Warning Signs?

The best possible outcome would be if there was no need for any repair work at all but catching problems early on can help you prevent permanent damage to your brick structures. Cracks, mold, or shattered mortar, are common signs of damage for which you should be on the lookout. When caught early on, mortar damage can be fixed without affecting the brickwork. 

Some subtle warning signs such as uneven floors or cracks in the foundational structure of your home can also indicate faults in your masonry work. If you see any doors or windows that do not close or open freely, get your masonry contractor to take a look at it. Small cracks running along the plaster or holes in the mortar or bricks must not be ignored as they could be hiding a bigger problem. 

Is There Structural Instability?

There can be times when the entire structure will show apparent signs of damage. For instance, if your brick walls are leaning, slanted, or bowing in an unfamiliar fashion, get them checked right away. 

Pinpointing the Cause of Damage

When it comes to brick interiors, understanding the root cause of damage can be a complicated process. In most instances, you will need expert help to pinpoint the main cause of damage. Start by addressing the issue and see if it has connection to a past repair work or if it is something which developed fairly recently. The only way to tell the exact cause and extent of damage is to have a professional assess the site but until they arrive, make a checklist of issues you spot with the naked eye. 

When Should You Seek Professional Help?

Surface level problems or cosmetic issues are easy to fix and your masonry contractor can simply have the brick removed, turned around, and secured into the wall again. If the brick is too old or crumbled, then turning it around won’t be enough. You will likely need to replace it to avoid creating a weak spot in your brick structure. 

Leaving a damaged or crumbled brick in place as it is can also damage adjacent bricks, leading to a domino effect that can endanger the entire wall’s integrity. If there are signs of damage to your brickwork, then you may need to tear it down and rebuild from scratch. This is why having a mason assess the damage is necessary so you can choose the appropriate course of action. Bear in mind, if the issue is not fixed within due time, it could end up endangering nearby walls and other parts of your interior. 

Our brick experts at Turnbull Masonry have been serving the residents of Toronto since 2003 with dedication and a promise to deliver the best service. If you have noticed signs of damage to your brick interiors, we can help you create a roadmap for the repair/restoration work. To learn more about brickwork maintenance and repair, contact our amazing team today.