Brick – Should You Paint?

Brick – Should You Paint?

Have you ever thought your brick house needs a new paint job? You might want to paint it over for any number of reasons, whether it be a desire for a new look to impress your neighbors or to cover over the gathering dirt and debris that can be difficult to clear off. Whether you move forward with repainting your home is up to you, but painting brick is not quite as simple as painting over other kinds of surfaces and can easily go wrong. This is where professionals can help make a difference. 

Cons of Painting Brick

There are many reasons why you should be cautious when painting brick. That is not to say you shouldn’t do it at all, but things can go very wrong if you are not careful. Rather than doing it yourself, it might be in your best interest to hire a professional. Here are some reasons why you should hire a professional to carry out the project for you.

You May Accidentally Destroy the Brick

Brick has many tiny pores that can trap moisture when painted over. When this happens, the bricks will go through a freeze-and-thaw cycle which can cause the brick to degrade over time due to the moisture freezing inside it. If this happens enough, the brick and mortar can eventually erode to the point of putting your home’s structural integrity at risk. If you paint over brick, you must use high-quality paint intended for brick; any other paint will likely only lead to problems down the road for you.

It Can Look Bad

If the whole point of painting over your brick home is to give it a fresh and tidy new look, you might be discouraged to hear paint can peel and flake away off the brick, giving your home a neglected and dirty look. This will only worsen as the bricks continue to degrade due to trapped moisture — exacerbating the problems. While this is not completely unmanageable, you may need to repaint your brick every few years to ensure it maintains a tidy appearance.

Painted Brick is Permanent

It might seem very obvious, but once you paint your brick house over, you will not be able to return it to its original state. With that in mind, you must decide what colors and paints you want to use and be certain of it. Not only will repeated paint jobs potentially quicken the brick’s deterioration but removing paint from brick is also an expensive service.

Pros of Painting Brick

Although there are several reasons why you should hesitate to paint over brick, many people still do it, and with good reason. Some benefits include keeping your home looking new and clean since the paint will mask any dirt and debris covering the brick while also creating a smooth surface that is easier to clean than the natural porous brick surface. Additionally, if you use the right paint for the job, it can protect you from the environmental elements — sealing your home from precipitation and other seasonal weather changes.

Whatever reason you have to paint over brick, hiring a team of professionals to do the job for you will guarantee the right materials and processes are being used to give your home a fresh coat while preserving its integrity. 

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