Choosing the Best Masonry Restoration Contractor

Choosing the Best Masonry Restoration Contractor

Natural stone is a beautiful and durable construction material that can truly make your home a one-of-a-kind creation but finding the right stone and keeping it in great shape isn’t always easy. Even once you’ve had the perfect fit installed, chances are good that you’ll find yourself in need of repairs or upgrades as time passes. When that happens, it’s time to reach out to an experienced Toronto masonry restoration contractor to ensure your home looks its absolute best. Make sure you take your time when looking at your options, however, and select the contractor with whom you feel most comfortable – they’ll have a big impact upon how smoothly your restoration goes.

4 Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Masonry Restoration Contractor

There are many different things to consider before selecting a masonry restoration contractor in Toronto. There are so many factors to keep in mind, we want to break down some of the more important ones for you so you can make the best choice for your needs.


Everyone seems to be running on a tight budget right now, and that’s understandable. Price is often one of the most prominent factors on many people’s minds, but it’s also important to note that you shouldn’t just jump at the lowest priced option. To get the best value for your money, you should reach out to a few different contractors and ask for a quote. There are a number of variables, all of which can significantly affect price, like the type of stone in question, the kind of installation involved, and where the stone is located. Answering these questions should allow the contractor to give you a fairly accurate quote and give you a few different options to consider.


Price is a factor, of course, but the more important variable to consider is the quality of a contractor’s work. Keep in mind you’ll be paying for these services with the hope that your stone will look great and be in good condition by the time the restoration process is complete. And when you pick an experienced contractor, that’s exactly what should happen. But when you work with a contractor who doesn’t specialize in the type of stone you have or who doesn’t have much experience, you’re more likely to end up with problems than solutions. Make sure to ask potential contractors for examples of their past work.


Working with stone can be dangerous, and that’s true even when you’re working with an experienced and well-respected masonry contractor in Toronto. That’s one of the reasons why understanding what safety precautions they will take and the type of liability insurance they have is so important. If there are testimonials or reviews on your potential contractor’s site, consider reaching out to their past customers and asking them what their experience was like and if they saw any damage to their home or property during the restoration process. You should also ask to see proof of the contractor’s liability insurance. This is vital, because failing to do this could leave you on the hook financially if anything goes wrong.


Finally, make sure the contractor you hire can complete the job on time. Some professionals will be booked for months, so giving them your desired timeframe for the restoration work as quickly as possible is important. If they can’t meet your deadline but have an alternative schedule, consider compromising if their work is the quality for which you’re searching. It can be difficult to find high quality contractors and finding the right one is worth the wait.

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