Different Chimney Types

Different Chimney Types

Most homes today have fireplaces and chimneys installed to keep the house comfortable and warm, especially during the winter season. A chimney is a tunnel-like channel or pipe that is used to disperse or transfer smoke, heat, and flue gasses from fireplaces and stoves into the atmosphere. Chimneys direct all unwanted smoke and fumes outside, rather than releasing them inside your house. Chimneys not only look nice but, but some are constructed beautifully that a home look competes with a chimney. Here is a different type of chimney.

Masonry Chimney

This is the standard type of chimney. It is typically built using materials like cement, blocks, stones, mortar, or bricks. Masonry chimneys go together with masonry fireplaces, which are simply indented walls in which fires are made using logs of wood. They have amazing sense and aesthetic value which can make your space look incredibly

Masonry chimneys are long lasting and can last as long as your house, given that you ensure regular cleaning, proper maintenance, and use the right kind of accessories. However, because it weighs around 6 to 7 tons, a masonry chimney requires a solid and super concrete foundation during construction.

Metal Chimneys

Metal chimneys are similar to masonry chimneys, except they take up more space and may be more expensive in larger chimney versions. Metal chimneys can be double-walled or triple-walled, and they are frequently encased in various types of casings. They are encircled by a masonry chimney case, a fully wooden structure or a sided frame to increase their aesthetic value and appeal.

Metal chimneys are usually made of bare stainless steel, which appeals to many homeowners because they like the high-tech look of these chimneys. They are typically restricted to 15- and 30-degree angles so they are not as flexible.  The different range of metal vents used in these chimneys are distinguished by the type of fuel that they exhaust.

Prefabricated Chimneys

These chimneys are more like the modern, contemporary types of chimneys found in most new homes. The design of a prefabricated chimney is new and trendy, and they come with quite innovatively designed fireplaces as well made of sheet metal. These chimneys are manufactured and constructed in factories before they are delivered to homes where they need to be installed.

Prefabricated chimneys, while less expensive, lack the aesthetic appeal of masonry chimneys. They are simple to install and provide a low-maintenance option for homeowners. On the other hand, are less durable than masonry chimneys, lack charm, and curb appeal, and are more frequently installed incorrectly than other chimneys.

Wood Burning Stove

Many different types of wood-burning stoves can be easily connected to pre-existing chimneys. Wood-burning stoves are compatible with both metal and masonry chimneys. Many prefabricated chimney manufacturers will also sell chimneys that can be used with a wood-burning stove.

Wood-burning stoves come with a stovepipe that can be connected to a chimney and will carry the exhaust from the body of the stove and out through the chimney stack. They are energy-efficient, come in a variety of designs, and can accommodate nearly any budget. The disadvantages include the need for more space for the stove and chimney, as well as the possibility of wall damage if not properly maintained.

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