Front Porch Foundation Repairs – Do You Need Them?

Front Porch Foundation Repairs – Do You Need Them?

At what point are front porch foundation repairs necessary? The ideal repair option will vary based on the type of foundation and the issue at hand. In some cases, a cracked front porch foundation may not be that big of a deal. Such is the case for small hairline cracks, which commonly appear shortly after a porch is installed. In other cases, cracks require immediate attention. Ignoring foundation issues can cause the roof of your porch to collapse, along with framing issues, leaks in the basement, and even issues with doors and windows opening and closing.

Signs Your Front Porch Needs Foundation Repairs:

  • You notice large growing cracks. The overall seriousness of a crack will vary based upon the location of the crack, the size, and how many cracks are present, as well as how quickly the crack is growing. A crack that extends along the entire porch and measures ½ to 1-inch wide is a cause for concern and a clear sign of foundation issues.
  • A slopping or sagging porch is often obvious to the naked eye. Although, in some cases, a leveling tool is needed to see that the porch is, in fact, sinking in a certain area.
  • The porch roof shows signs of slopping or sagging, this may be less obvious to the untrained eye, especially at first.
  • The front door or windows near the porch are not closing or opening correctly. For instance, if the porch starts to sag, it will place pressure on the roof, and this pulls out and down on the front of your home. As a result, this pressure can cause the door frame to move out of alignment so that it does not close properly. You can change the hinges or even add a new door, but nothing will permanently fix the problem except for fixing the foundation.

Addressing the Underlying Issue

Before you can make front porch foundation repairs that will last, it’s important to find the cause of the issue and address it. Otherwise, the same problem will occur again. Which means you’ll be faced with the same repair bill again, and no one wants that. Some leveling and stabilizing options only provide a temporary solution so it’s important to ask about how long repairs will last before you pay for them.

Fixing Small Front Porch Cracks

As mentioned earlier, small cracks are not always a big deal, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore them. Instead, seal cracks with a high quality and well-matched sealant. This will prevent water from getting inside and protect the porch from further damages.

Sagging Porch Foundation

If the porch is sagging or no longer level, mudjacking is a type of foundation repair that can be done. This method is completed by adding a cement slurry beneath the affected area. It is effective and has even been used to fix highways that are no longer level. This method is only recommended if the concrete is thick enough and still in fairly good condition, otherwise there is a greater risk that the concrete will crack during the process.

Are There Other Ways to Repair a Front Porch Foundation That is Damaged?

There are a variety of methods that can be applied to fix the foundation of a front porch. The ideal method will vary based upon the severity of the issue and the overall design of your porch. At Turnbull Masonry, we specialize in this type of thing and are more than happy to check out your porch and let you know what options are available. Contact us today to learn more.