Historic Restoration TorontoHistoric restoration is about preserving the past. Preservation is what keeps the history alive today which otherwise is often forgotten.  Even the best-built buildings require maintenance at some point in time, especially when they reach any sort of ‘historical’ age. Over time, brickwork and masonry begins to crack and chip, foundations become unstable, and chimneys become unsafe to use.

Historic restorations require that the job is done right the first time. There are no second chances. To ensure the natural beauty of the building is preserved, you must ensure that the job is done methodically. Each step requires significant planning, and the execution of the work requires years of experience and industry knowledge.

Types of Historical Restorations Provided By Turnbull Masonry

Depending on your project goals and the current state of a historic property, Turnbull Masonry specializes in three types of historical restorations:

Historic Preservation: This includes restoring a building so that it is stabilized and sound without taking anything from its historical appearance. This means leaving or re-using as many original materials as possible.

Historic Rehabilitation: This often requires more work to make the building functional for modern day purposes, while still sticking true to the original design and historical context.

Historic Reconstruction: This is for buildings that can’t survive without major upheaval. A historical reconstruction allows you to start from scratch using all new materials, while maintaining the same historical appearances.

Historic restoration is a delicate process, and can often create unexpected problems. It is critical that these unexpected surprises are well thought out and are handled by the most experienced professional in order to preserve the historical significance of the building.

Historic Restorations by Turnbull Masonry

Turnbull Masonry understands the tricky nature of historic restorations. We have a keen eye for detail, allowing us to select just the right materials and processes for each unique job. With historic restorations, no two projects are ever the same. With a mindset in-tune with the past and future, our historical restorations remain true to their heritage and are also able to withstand the test of time.

We are the experts of restoration and are the most trusted name in historical building restoration in the Toronto area. We have the knowledge and experience to handle any restoration project. Turnbull Masonry guarantees you are going to love the look of your historic renovation.

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