How to Clean Bricks Properly

How to Clean Bricks Properly

Brick is a famous building material in Toronto and surrounding areas. Brick exteriors can be very attractive due to their resistance to staining as well as their durability. Unfortunately, if a brick is not properly maintained over time, it quickly loses its beauty. It is beneficial to learn how to clean and restore brick whether you have a brick fence, brick walls, brick walkways, or any other type of brick exterior. Here is how to clean brick properly.

Step 1: Choosing the Right Brick Cleaning Solution

It is important to remember that not all brick is the same, which means that not all brick cleaning solutions work the same way. It is advisable to determine the type of brick you have and then go to your local store to find the best brick cleaning solution for your home. If you do not want to deal with harsh chemicals you can go for natural solutions. one natural brick cleaning solution that many people prefer is a 50/50 vinegar and water mix. It can be very cost-effective and leave your house with clean bricks.

Step 2:  Protect the Space Surrounding the Brick

Cover any type of soil, nearby plants, and vegetation with a tarp or plastic to secure the area around the brick. Plantlife can be harmed by brick cleaning solutions, solvents, and acids. Even a mild acid like vinegar can be damaging, so it is important to preserve your plants and vegetables. Brick cleaning solutions and solvents for grime on your brick may react differently to other surfaces or windows in your home, so protect non-brick surfaces as much as possible.

Step 3: Test the Brick Absorption Rate

Brick is much more porous than other surfaces and reacts differently to various cleaning solutions. The last thing you need is to unknowingly destroy or alter natural color while cleaning bricks. Test by spraying water on a small area with the garden hose which will allow you to determine the absorption rate of your bricks. If your brick becomes darker right away, clean it in small sections at varying time intervals. If it doesn’t, clean larger sections brick at a time.

Step 4: Saturate with Water

Wet the area to be washed with the hose pipe, making sure to saturate the area from the top down. When it comes to having clean bricks, this is the best practice.

Step 5: Prevent Streaking

Because brick loose dirt and cleaning solutions can run down your house, saturate the area beneath the area you are cleaning with water as well. This will prevent unappealing streaks. This will also prevent the surrounding area from being damaged or altered while striving to achieve clean brick.

Step 6: Apply the Brick Cleaning Solution

It is now time to apply. Apply your cleaning solution to the area saturated. Scrub, hose down or power wash your area according to the instructions on your brick cleaner. If you use a water and vinegar cleaning solution, it is recommended that you scrub the surface with a broom or hard-bristled brush, or power spray the area after applying the solution.

Step 7: Rinse Thoroughly

After cleaning, thoroughly rinse the area with plenty of water to ensure that all residue from your brick cleaning solution is washed away. Remember to wash your brick from top to bottom to ensure a thorough and even luster when it dries.

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