How to Maintain Your Fireplace

How to Maintain Your Fireplace

Fireplaces are common in Toronto and are a wonderful addition to many structures. A fireplace can bring people together and create a warm and welcoming ambiance. Fireplaces are intended to be long-lasting, but when used often, maintenance is necessary. A fireplace that is properly maintained can save you time and money for costly repairs or cleaning. Here are the tips to maintain your fireplace.

Clean the Interior

When a fireplace is constantly burning, dirt and ash can build up inside. Some of these build-ups can be hazardous to homes. If there is a larger build-up, the particles can make their way around the air and cause air-borne illnesses if constantly inhaled. Cleaning your fireplace regularly will allow for it to burn more effectively when in use and avoid toxins from harming those around it. Common household cleaning products for chimneys include dishwashing detergent, vinegar and water, and grout cleaners. Minor stains and grease can be removed by dishwashing detergent. If you need something stronger, vinegar and water can assist. Clean with vinegar without worrying about the damage being caused. A stronger solution can be the use of brick, stone, and grout cleaners. This solution can be easily picked up from a local store. The grout cleaner can remove difficult stains. Plus, a clean interior makes for a more presentable appearance.

Look Out for Smoke

If a fireplace is properly maintained and functioning, smoke should not be moving around in your home. Once the signs of smoke begin filling your structure, this is an urgent sign to clean your fireplace as soon as possible. Smoke can be released if the chimney is dirty, or the wood is not burning correctly. Smoke can also be the result of the damper being closed or not fully open.

Heat Proof Glass Doors

When it comes to the toxins that can be released from fireplaces, ensuring protection for those in your home is a priority. Investing in a heatproof glass door for your fireplace can assist in maintaining the burning particles from welcoming themselves past the fireplace. Fireplace doors can also decrease the chances of injury to those that might want to get closer to the fireplace. The doors can also lower the possibility of improperly placed logs falling out and causing damage to flooring or injury to those nearby. Glass doors prevent sparks from being released and attaching themselves onto fabric surfaces nearby. Since doors create a barrier, the glass doors will keep your chimney and home separated. Instead of particles escaping into your home, they are more likely to escape outdoors.

Regular Inspections

If your chimney is built of bricks, regularly inspecting the structure is necessary to avoid any issues. Examining the bricks to ensure they are all intact is vital. When you observe any cracks, that may be a sign that there is a larger issue present. If you are uncertain about how to provide a thorough inspection, call in the professionals to assist.

Inspection and Maintenance

Although you can clean chimneys alone, there is more maintenance that needs to occur. Hiring the professionals from Turnbull Masonry can assist in ensuring your chimney is intact and fully clean. Calling in a professional every year before the wintertime can provide reassurance that your chimney is in good condition for the upcoming season. Professionals know how to thoroughly check for issues that are not always caught by regular cleaning routines. Annual maintenance of your fireplace is necessary to ensure it will work in the years to come. Maintenance can avoid any major repairs or replacements. Additionally, fireplace hazards and accidents can be avoided if the issues are immediately and effectively addressed.