How to Properly Clean Bricks

How to Properly Clean Bricks

Bricks are meant to last. However, they’re not immune to stains, dirt, and dust. As such, they need proper cleaning and care from time to time. While that’s so, cleaning the brick is anything but simple. And it’s even more daunting if you are to follow the proper cleaning technique that guarantees the safety of the bricks. 

Fortunately, there are resourceful cleaning techniques you can rely on to restore the natural beauty of your bricks. Not only are the products affordable, but you can get most of them from your pantry. And to those dealing with a brick stain, we also have some tips you can use. With that said, let’s look into how to properly clean bricks: 


  •     Vacuum cleaner/ broom
  •     Detergent
  •     Pressure washer
  •     Washing sponge 
  •     Spray bottle 


  •     Clean the dust on the surface or any other dirt using a broom or vacuum cleaner.
  •     Thereafter, use a spray bottle to soak the brick 
  •     Afterward, apply the appropriate brick cleaner according to the kind of dirt you’re dealing with.
  •     Leave it there for several minutes to soak and act.
  •     And if your brick needs gentle cleaning, get warm water
  •     Using dish soap and grout sponge, clean the brick surface
  •     If a stain persists, a nylon-bristle brush will help you scrub it off. 
  •     And once you are through with clean, use warm water to rinse the surface. 


When it comes to outdoor bricks, they may be covered with dust, dirt, and various types of stains. Therefore, for proper cleaning, consider the following steps:

  •     First, assess the strength of your bricks before applying any washing technique. And this is because there are bricks that become soft and easily destructible as they age. However, if your bricks are still new, then there’s nothing to worry about. 
  •     If the bricks are tough and resistant to tough cleaning, then start with the pressure washer. This cleaning technique will not only dislodge dust and dirt, but also mildew, mold, and moss growth. 
  •     To those with older homes, consider professional opinion before going ahead with pressure washing. 
  •     Also, cover windows, electrical items, and any landscaping close to the wall to avoid damaging them. 
  •     Meanwhile, put on protective clothes like non-slip shoes and protective goggles.
  •       Mix your detergent well, and then apply it to the entire wall.
  •     Allow it to settle for several minutes while following the manufacture specifications. 
  •     Use low pressure during rinsing. 500 to 1000 PSI should be enough for this job.
  •     And as you rinse, mind the distance between the nozzle and the wall. 

Eliminating surface stains 

  •     First, eliminate surface dirt using water and grout sponger
  •     And in this step, consider using protective gear as well. A respirator, goggles, and rubber gloves will do. 
  •     Fetch warm water (a gallon is enough) and then add one tablespoon chlorine and mix well. 
  •     Using a grout sponge, apply the mixture on wet bricks
  •     Using a brush with non-metallic bristles, gently scrub off the stain.
  •     Afterward, use warm water to rinse the bricks
  •     Lastly, use pressure water for thorough rinsing. 

Final Take 

With that said, cleaning the bricks is not always fun. It’s even harder if you have a tight schedule at work with no time to spare. But even so, cleaning the bricks is still essential, especially when it comes to your home aesthetics. But most importantly, clean bricks are not only beautiful but long-lasting. 

As such, the cleaner they are, the more resilient the bricks will be during harsh weather conditions. Therefore, if you need help with brick cleaning in Canada, especially in Toronto, call Turnbull Masonry. They not only do indoor and outdoor brick cleaning, but also chimney repair in Toronto.