Is Your Brick Exterior in Need of Repair?

Is Your Brick Exterior in Need of Repair?

If your house or property has a brick exterior, it will need repair at some point. In Toronto, Canada for instance, the weather elements can be harsh. And the exposure of bricks to these elements can significantly make them vulnerable and susceptible to damage. 

Depending on the extent of damage, the issue may escalate and lead to greater losses. The property may experience anything including foundation issues, extreme temp fluctuation, and water filtration. 

And these are issues that can make a property or house unsafe for occupation. Luckily, if you know the signs of masonry damage earlier, you can repair and prevent such losses. That said, here are signs that will indicate if your brick exterior needs repair:

Deteriorating Mortar

Deteriorating mortar is an indication that your exterior brick needs repair. Also, it’s a major concern since it can end up affecting the rest of the wall. After a while, warping and other greater issues may begin to occur. 

If you don’t fix the issue, it can lead to major structural damages. Therefore, you should respond promptly by hiring a mason. They will remove the deteriorating mortar and use a fresh one to restore the structural integrity of the wall.

Vertical Cracks 

When cracks begin to develop on the brick wall, then it’s okay to get alarmed. The vertical cracks are not only unsightly, but they also make your property look like it’s going to collapse. Fortunately, these cracks often develop naturally due to brick and mortar settling. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore it. 

It might be smaller cracks but they can allow dust and moisture to penetrate. With time, bigger issues may develop like brick bulging due to excess moisture in the brick. The cracks may double or triple in size due to freeze and thaw affecting the wall’s structural integrity. 


When chipping begins on the bricks, then know that your brickwork is experiencing spalling. This is a common occurrence on exterior bricks since they’re exposed to the elements. Oftentimes, it’s an issue that affects aesthetics. However, it can turn serious with time if you don’t repair it. 

Compacted Bricks 

The striking feature of brickwork, especially in construction is the contrast between the bricks and mortar. However, due to time and deterioration, that distinction may begin to fade. As such, the bricks may get misaligned or packed too close in certain areas. 

Unfortunately, when compacted bricks occur in one section, it may affect the rest of the wall. The loss of uniform weight distribution across the wall comprises all the surrounding bricks. However, if you notice it earlier, you can prevent further escalation of the damage. A mason will be able to repair the problem and restore the balance. 

Bulging Bricks 

Bulging bricks are very easy to see since they cause misalignment on the wall. While you would expect bulging bricks to pop out, some bulge inwards. The bowed brick or inward bulging brick is a result of moisture infiltration into the inner surface. Bricks bulging out on the other hand are a result of moisture infiltrating the external surface. 

When moisture seeps into the brick, it softens the hardened structure. As such, its particles begin to expand due to higher moisture content forcing the brick to bulge. When it happens, call the mason to fix the specific area and treat the entire wall to prevent a recurrence. 

Final Take 

Have you spotted signs that your brick exterior needs repair? Well, you’ll need to contact masonry services. And we do understand how strenuous it can be to find a high-quality mason contractor to hire. And that’s why we present to you Turnbull Masonry. They’ll help you mend the issue and protect your property from further damage.