Is Your Foundation in Need of Repair?

Is Your Foundation in Need of Repair?

Your home’s foundation provides safety, structure, and stability. The foundation acts as the basis on which your home stands. Foundations may be slab, full basement, or crawl space and can be crafted from a variety of materials – bricks, stones, blocks, wood, pillars, or reinforced concrete. Keeping your home’s foundation in good repair means keeping your home safe and the structure stable. If you believe your foundation needs repair, you need to address the situation sooner rather than later to avoid further damage. Let’s focus on brick foundations – including the signs of damage, the reasons behind cracking foundations, and the solutions required to avoid bigger problems in the future.

Signs of an Unstable or Damaged Foundation

The most common sign of a foundation which needs repair are cracks. Visible cracks can be seen outside your home, forming along your foundation’s edges or inside your home near joints or around door frames. Other signs of foundation damage are bent window frames, ceilings which appear to be getting lower, and bulging walls, particularly in the crawl space of your home. When you see cracks or other signs of foundation damage, call on the professionals to assess and repair the problem before it worsens.     

The Causes of Foundation Damage

The last thing you want to hear is the news that your brick foundation has cracked or is damaged, compromising the stability of your home. Even so, the news is more common than you might imagine, especially in older homes. Ensuring maintenance and basic repairs can help prevent damage, but you should always watch for potential problems. Foundation cracks and other damage can be caused by water, dry soil, or seismic motion.

In the case of water damage, the cause is usually excess amounts of water in the soil which applies pressure to your foundation. While seemingly harmless, water can move the foundation inward, making it the most common cause of foundation instability. Where does the water come from? Anywhere. Excess precipitation, water leaks, poor drainage, frost damage, and more can cause damage to your foundation. Like too much moisture, soil that suddenly dries can result in receding soil and a shift in your foundation. In similar fashion, the earth’s natural land movements can compromise your foundation, as can an earthquake or other seismic event. 

The Importance of Foundation Repair

Repairing a cracked or damaged foundation is crucial to the stability and safety of your home. Foundation damage which is not repaired will only result in further damage to your home overall. Making the needed repairs will not only preserve the value of your home, but protect it from future damage which make it vulnerable to natural elements like pests, water, and inclement weather, as well as potential structural collapse.

When you see a crack in your foundation, your first though may be to attempt to repair it yourself. The truth is most foundation repair is not a simple D-I-Y project, but requires the expertise of a professional to ensure the appropriate repair to eliminate the change for further damage. While a minor foundation crack or hole can be filled easily to prevent moisture or pests from creeping inside, it is always best to call on the professionals for an accurate assessment of the damage. Your house depends on a solid, strong foundation to ensure the safety of your family who reside within.

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