How to Make Brick Walkways Last Longer, Even in Toronto’s Winter Weather

How to Make Brick Walkways Last Longer, Even in Toronto’s Winter Weather

Water and winter weather are some of the biggest factors that negatively impact brick walkways in Toronto. Yet, there are things you can do to protect your brick walkway and make it last longer, even in Toronto’s winter weather.

6 Tips to Make Toronto Brick Walkways Last Longer

#1. Regular Spot Cleaning

Brick pavers require good upkeep and maintenance to last as long as possible. Overtime, dirt and debris will start to chip away at the natural beauty of brick paving. Regular cleaning should include sweeping up debris and dirt as it builds up. This will prevent layers of dirt building on one another.

Pay extra careful attention to oil or liquid spills and make sure to remove them thoroughly as soon as possible.

#2. Major Cleaning

Every so often, it pays off to invest in major cleaning of brick pavers. Power equipment can be used to deep clean surfaces without damaging them. Specialized cleaning solutions and gentle power washing systems should be used to restore brick’s original shine and natural beauty. The key is to avoid using excessive pressure that could damage brick and the substrate underneath.

Avoid the use of sandblasters; while they may make brickwork look good in the short term, they can do a lot of damage.

#3. Sealing Brick Pavers as Needed

After conducting a deep cleaning, it might be a good time to seal brick pavers. This is typically done every two to three years, but each surface is unique. Re-sealing bricks offers a few things, including preventing weeds from growing through. It also helps trap out moisture and other harmful elements, including stains. Therefore, sealant makes it easier to keep bricks clean.

This is a job that must be done correctly and with care, so only trust the experts to get it done right. This isn’t something you should try and do yourself or hire your teenage neighbor to take on. Old or uneven layers of sealant do not provide proper protection to surfaces. In addition, the old layer of sealant should be removed before a fresh coat is applied.

Benefits to sealing bricks:

-Repeals oil and dirt better

-Protects against the growth of moss, mold and weeds

-Protects against UV rays

-Helps resist the negative effects of freeze/thaw cycles

-Offers an extra layer of strength and protection while enhancing the beauty of brickwork

4. Don’t Use Deicers

Deicers are commonly applied to driveways, sidewalks and roadways in the winter time to help remove ice from surfaces. Although helpful, deicers can also be harmful to brick surfaces. Avoid using deicers on or near brick surfaces whenever possible, especially within a year of installation. Deicers can cause brick to crack and scale within a short period of time.

5. Take Care of Repairs as they Arise

As soon as you notice that brick walkways have damage or need repairs, take care of it right away. Waiting to conduct repairs will only allow damages to become more extensive. From loose bricks to chips and pits in the surface, it’s best to rely on a professional to assess the damage and come up with the best method for repairs.

6. Proper Installation is Key

Properly installed brick walkways make all the difference when it comes to overall longevity. A variety of small mistakes can balloon into bigger issues overtime. It pays to invest in a reputable company that knows what they are doing.

You can count on Turnbull Masonry to install and repair brick walkways, buildings, pillars and more! After all, we are trusted brick professionals in Toronto. Contact us today to learn more or to get a quote.