Preparing Your Chimney for Fall

Preparing Your Chimney for Fall

With the cold weather quickly making its way into your neighborhood, it is officially time to begin the process of preparing your chimney for the fall weather. What does this mean, exactly? Prepping your fireplace for the season ensures that it will keep your home warmer, save energy, prevent fires and more. In order to properly prepare your chimney for the fall season, be sure to follow these simple steps below:

Cleaning Your Chimney

It is recommended that you clean your chimney at least once every year, however, if you have the ability to keep up with the maintenance and cleaning schedules more than one time per year, then by all means, please go for it. With that being said, while woodboring fireplaces should be cleaned once every year, gas-burning fireplaces should only be cleaned once every other year. By doing so, this can improve the air quality in your home as well as keep you warm and cozy during these colder months to come.

Hunting for a Professional Chimney Sweep

As mentioned above, it is important to have your chimney cleaned regularly, or, at least once every year. This is typically done during the fall months in order to better prepare for the colder and longer winter months soon to come. The best way to ensure your chimney is properly being cleaned is to hire a professional to help with the process. This is simply due to the fact that a professional will have all of the tools and equipment needed to clean a chimney as well as understand how to clean out fire hazards like creosote and soot. This is when you can consider calling our team of professionals at Turnbull Masonry.

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Check for Any Signs of Damage or Debris

Next, it is important to properly inspect the damper in order to ensure that it opens and closes smoothly, and check the chimney for birds, bird nests or other rodents. Finally, inspect the mortar and bricks, both in and surrounding the chimney, for cracks or signs of damage. If not repaired, these can be serious fire hazards. It’s best to hire a professional if you find extensive damage.

Stock Up On Wood

Last but not least, it is important to stock up on wood for your chimney before the winter months officially make its way into your neighborhood. When it comes to choosing the best wood, choose dense hardwoods such as oak, and split and store the logs in a high, dry place for at least six months. Green wood and resinous softwoods like pine should always be avoided; they produce more flammable creosote, which can build up in the chimney.

Enjoying your Fireplace All Season Long

Now that you have a better understanding on how to prep your chimney for the coming fall and winter months, it is officially time to begin the excitement and joy of using your fireplace. With that being said, it is just as important to understand fireplace safety measures in order to ensure safety for you and your family. To ensure you are keeping your household safe, be sure to follow these quick and simple steps:

  • Never use charcoal in a fireplace as it can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Use a screen or glass enclosure.
  • Make sure to open the damper before lighting a fire and keep it opened until the fire is completely out.
  • Always follow proper local fire codes to make sure you’re not putting your family, neighbors or home in danger.

For more information regarding chimney cleaning services, contact Turnbull Masonry today.