Protecting Your Pavers

Protecting Your Pavers

For those who have pavers adorning their property, protecting your pavers and keeping them beautiful is important. Once of the most common issues for paver maintenance and beauty is keeping the surrounding plants and grass attractive while stopping unsightly weed growth between the pavers. Weeds can be quite annoying because they are so difficult to get rid of, once you think they are gone, they seem to rapidly return. The problem is, not only are weeds among your pavers unsightly, but they can eventually cause structural damage to your walkway or patio. Let’s explore how to get rid of weeds and protect your pavers for good.

Getting Rid of Weeds

While weed mats can offer some help in preventing weeds from rising beneath pavers, the fact is most weeds grow between pavers after seeds are blown from nearby weeds. When you notice weeds growing between your pavers, it often a result of weeds elsewhere in your yard or your neighbor’s yard. Some types of weeds, like crabgrass, are strong and once they begin spreading they can quickly get out of control. Here are some ways to get rid of weeds and protect your pavers.

  • Ensure Proper Paver Installation – When your pavers are properly installed, weeds have less opportunity to thrive. You can reduce the likelihood of uncontrollable weed growth by installing paver on a slant, which encourages water to drain off easily. When water drains properly, it can help prevent the growth of paver weeds which thrive in damp, cool areas.
  • Destroy the Weeds without Damaging Pavers – When weeds gain a foothold among your pavers, homeowners often seek fast and easy solutions. The most common solutions are bleach, Round Up, and similar products, which are not only toxic, but also harmful to the environment and damaging to your pavers. White vinegar, on the other hand, is harmless to your pavers, but contains enough acid to destroy the weeds. Before applying vinegar to a large area, be sure to test a small space. The process of applying vinegar to destroy weeds is simple: Spray generously, wait a couple of hours, and rinse thoroughly.
  • Get Rid of Dead Weeds – Once you have successfully killed the weeds, you will want to remove their remains. A pressure washer can get the job done, easily removing the dead weeds while also cleaning your pavers. You’ll need a rotating cleaner attachment if you want to do-it-yourself, or you can hire a professional to accomplish the job for you. If you have little experience with pressure washers, the advantages of hiring a professional include avoiding damage to your pavers. You see, while the pressure washer can remove weeds, you will need to keep it at least 12 inches away from your pavers to avoid serious damage.

Keeping the Weeds Away

Once you have ridded your pavers of the weeds and potential damage, here’s how to keep the weeds away. Weeds are resilient and if you don’t take preventative measures they will grow back. Here’s what you need to do. Begin by regularly sweeping your walkway or patio to remove seeds blown in from elsewhere. By doing so, you prevent weed seedlings from sprouting. At the first sign of weed seedlings, douse the area in boiling water or white vinegar. You can also add paving soil between your pavers to help prevent weed growth. If weeds do return, pull them out, root and all as soon as you spot them to prevent uncontrollable growth and protect your pavers.

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