Repairs to Fix Before Winter

Repairs to Fix Before Winter

As the Fall season quickly comes to a close, it is time to prepare for those colder winter months. In fact, it is important to ensure that you finish up any needed repairs before the winter months edge closer. This is due to the fact that masonry repairs generally cannot be done when weather is wet or below freezing, however, any chimney repair not requiring bricks, mortar or cement generally are safe for winter weather. With that being said, below is a list of repairs that should definitely be fixed before the winter weather takes control:

Chimney Repairs to Be Done Before Winter

Brick Masonry Installation

Laying and installing bricks is one of the most common tasks and repairs that should not be performed during the winter months but rather during the summer months in order to allow materials to cure properly.

Brick Work and Repairs

When it comes to brick masonry, it is without a doubt timeless. Brick adds beauty, value, and character to any space. With that being said, brick repair in Toronto should only be handled by an expert mason with the knowledge and experience to handle any job correctly. However, this is a job that is better performed during the summer months as opposed to the winter months.


What exactly is tuckpointing? Tuckpointing is a color matching mortar with a v-groove which simulates a thin joint between bricks and should not be done during the winter months.

Chimney Crown Repairs

When repairing the crown, a skilled mason carefully fills the cracks with a patch of cement material. The entire chimney crown is then sealed with a waterproof sealant to protect the surface.

Chimney Repairs That Can Be Done Throughout the Winter

Chimney Caps Installation

Chimney caps are protective coverings that go over the top of your chimney. They are usually made of steel or copper mesh and come in a variety of styles to match the outside of your home. On top of the mesh ring, is a cap that helps protect your chimney from rain and downdrafts.

Metal Chimney Liner Installation

A chimney liner, or flue liner is a flexible tube that is connected to your stove pipe to line the inside of your chimney. It runs up the entire length of your chimney, carrying the fumes up your flue liner instead of releasing them straight into your chimney cavity

Damper Repair or Replacement

A chimney damper is a manual mechanism that controls airflow and smoke through the chimney flue.

The Best Time to Repair a Chimney

When it comes to chimney repairs, the best time to take care of any problems is during the warmer seasons including spring and summer. This is due to the fact that warmer weather allows materials to cure properly. Summer repairs are also more beneficial as skilled repairmen can remedy places where moisture has gone through its freeze/thaw cycle and revealed exposed areas. The same cannot be said of the winter months.
As a result, it is a good idea to get ahead of the game when it comes to chimney repairs. Unfortunately, too many homeowners wait until the late-fall to get their fireplaces inspected. By then it is close to being too late to get the masonry repaired correctly before the weather gets too chilly.

Get a Chimney Professionals Opinion

Now that you have a better understanding on what kind of chimney repairs can and cannot be done during the winter months, it is still important to call a chimney professional and get their opinion on the matter. Afterall, they are here to help in any way that they can. Call our team of dedicated professionals here at Turnbull Masonry. At Turnbull Masonry we go above and beyond for every job that we do, making sure clients are more than satisfied. After all, you want to feel safe and comfortable in your home. Turnbull Masonry provides the best brick cleaning, brick repair and rebuilds around. We work hard to deliver and adhere to your budget. Turnbull Masonry has become one of the most trusted names in the masonry industry. Using state-of-the-art equipment, and an eye for style we continually wow our clients, no matter what the season. Or more information, contact Turnbull Masonry.