Should You Clean Your Chimney During Summer?

Should You Clean Your Chimney During Summer?

In the greater Toronto area, everyone enjoys their cozy fireplaces during the winter months. As summer begins, people forgo gathering around the fireplace to enjoy the great Toronto area summers, making summertime the perfect time for fireplace and chimney cleaning and maintenance. Summer fireplace cleaning not only means your fireplace will be ready when temperatures turn cold again but it will also be operating efficiently and safely. Scheduling chimney maintenance and cleaning in the summer prevents the unusual odors that can develop when your fireplace and chimney are not properly cleaned and cared for. Here let’s uncover the top reasons for professional chimney maintenance and cleaning during the summer months. 

Identify Issues and Prevent Future Problems

Chimney professionals can help identify issues and make the needed adjustment to help prevent potentially bigger problems later. While issues may not be evident to you as the homeowner, chimney professionals can identify them during an inspection. A common issue is debris or other blockage of the chimney which could result in the discharge of carbon monoxide into your home. The release of carbon monoxide can cause poisoning and even death. 

Regular Maintenance Prevents Chimney Fires

Having your chimney regularly cleaned and maintained is the best course in the prevention of buildups and blockages which can lead to chimney fires. Clean chimneys also mean dangerous fumes flow freely up and outside and not back and into your home. Also crucial is the prevention of the buildup of creosote. Creosote is a sticky, black, and highly flammable residue which is a common cause of chimney fires in the winter months. It is the result of poor chimney ventilation but with regular maintenance and cleaning creosote buildup can be prevented. Chimney fires can also result when dry leaves, twigs, or even the occasional bird nest ends up in your chimney. Birds love chimneys for nesting and abandoned bird nests often are the cause of chimney fires when people light their fireplace for the first time in winter. Cleaning and maintenance can prevent debris (leaves, twigs, and bird nests) from causing a chimney fire. 

Efficient Heating in Winter

Chimney cleaning and maintenance performed during the summer months means better ventilation in winter months when the fireplace is back in action. Better ventilation means less fuel is needed for a safe, warm fire. Cleaning out the regular accumulation of soot provides better ventilation and more efficient heating from your fireplace and also alleviates the accumulation of soot which can, if left over time, damage furniture in your home. 

Hire the Professionals to Get the Job Done Right

It may be tempting to attempt chimney cleaning on your own, but for this job you will want to hire professional chimney cleaners to get the job done right. Don’t wait too long though, because quality, professional chimney cleaners are often fully booked during the summer months by homeowners who want to be sure they will be able to safely and effectively use their fireplaces when the first cold snap of winter arrives. Now is the time to contact the professionals at Turnbull Masonry for summer chimney cleaning to ensure your fireplace is ready to burn this winter!

In addition to a clean, well-maintained chimney, you will also gain peace of mind knowing your chimney is safe and ready to use in the cold winter months in Toronto. Call on the professionals at Turnbull Masonry to get the expert help you need. For further information, visit Turnbull Masonry to learn more and call for a free quote on our maintenance and cleaning prices and more.