Signs You Need Toronto Concrete Driveway Repairs

Signs You Need Toronto Concrete Driveway Repairs

Your Toronto concrete driveway should last for decades with proper construction and maintenance. If severe discoloration, cracking, settlement, or scaling develops, it might signal the need to repair surfaces. In many cases, concrete can be repaired as opposed to ripped out and replaced. Even if an entire portion of your driveway has sunk, there is still hope that you can repair it instead of replacing it.

Four signs your concrete driveway is begging for repairs:

It is covered in cracks

Cracks are a normal part of the ageing process for concrete. Small cracks are nothing to worry about, but without proper maintenance small cracks can balloon into much larger cracks. Driveway cracks that measure less than ¼-inch wide can be repaired using a liquid crack filler. Cracks this shallow do not indicate any type of serious damage.

Be on the lookout for cracks that measure wider than ¼-inch, or more than a few inches in depth. If you see cracks of this size, it’s important to call out an expert to check for underlying issues.

There are potholes on your driveway

One crack turns into two, which turns into alligator cracking. Next thing you know, you’re faced with potholes.

Surfaces are aged or weathered in appearance

There are a variety of techniques that can be applied to breathe new life into old driveway surfaces.

Issues with drainage

Drainage issues can lead to a lot of underlying issues, including pooling of water on surfaces, erosion of subgrade, and the list goes on.

Reasons concrete breaks down & needs repairs:

  • Improper construction, such as faulty subbase or inadequate concrete mix
  • Excess wear and tear due to severe weather or storms
  • Overloading surfaces on a consistent basis
  • Natural wear and tear overtime—concrete gets old like the rest of us!

There are a variety of other potential culprits associated with concrete wear and tear, such as a stray tree root that grows underground and disrupts the subbase. It’s just as important to identify the problem as it is to solve it. After all, the only way to create an effective and lasting solution is to solve the problem and fix the damage it caused.

Different Types of Toronto Concrete Driveway Repairs

A complete assessment of the damage, as well as the associated cause(s) must be assessed before proper repairs can be made. A few different types of concrete driveway repairs include…


If portions of your concrete driveway are sinking, it likely relates to a poor subbase or soil erosion. Slabjacking allows one to raise surfaces back to their original positioning by pushing a carefully selected combination of sand, fly ash, cement and other additives underneath the slab.

Concrete Resurfacing

Overtime, all concrete begins to show signs of cracking. A concrete overlay can be applied to cover up cracks and prevent worsening damage.

Concrete Patching

Patching smaller holes or cracks can help postpone additional damages from forming. Eventually, patched holes will need to be dug out and replaced. Patching buys you some time before this is necessary.

Add a Concrete Stain

If concrete colors are faded or stained, consider adding a color hardener, integral pigment or other coloring enhancing medium. This can create a new and wear-resistant look. It’s a great option for concrete surfaces that have been neglected for many years.

When to Replace Instead of Repair 

  • If your driveway is 20 years or older it might be time to consider replacing the entire thing.
  • Driveway surfaces are badly deteriorating in multiple areas.
  • There are serious foundation issues, and/or a large portion of the driveway has sunk

Need help deciding if your concrete driveway requires repairs? Contact Toronto’s most trusted professionals at Turnbull Masonry!