Stone vs Brick – Pros and Cons of Both Materials

Stone vs Brick – Pros and Cons of Both Materials

Both stone and brick are common materials that are used in the construction of various types of buildings. Although both of these materials are suitable for various purposes and needs, there are pros and cons that you should be aware of for using both. Right off the bat, it’s important to understand that both of these products are very high quality and capable of standing the test of time. This page will help you understand the main differences that we notice between these two materials.

Types of Structures Best for Stone and Brick

Those who are building big and tall structures intended to stand the test of time are usually best-off using stone instead of brick. Although both of these materials are clearly very strong and capable of lasting a long time, it’s important to keep your expectations in check. As we will explore, there are times when brick may be the best option, and times where stone is the better choice.

Stone and brick are comparable in price. Brick is great for those who are building smaller structures, such as a house. Bricks are usually a lot easier to customize and shape into the structure that you desire. Therefore, brick is commonly used for structures that have lots of bends and curves.

Pros of Brick

As briefly touched upon previously, brick is really great for structures that are more complex than a simple 4-wall structure. Due to their stack-ability and small individual sizes, bricks are a lot easier to use when crafting a structure with a unique shape. It is also a lot easier to lay brick down than it is to lay stone down. The overall aesthetic quality of a finished brick building is also undeniable. In addition, brick provides more insulating qualities – which is ideal during Toronto’s cold winters.

Cons of Brick

Although the work involved in laying stone is usually a little more extreme, there is no question that laying brick down is not an easy task. The mortar of brick can require work to maintain and clean. Without proper maintenance brick will not last as long.

Pros of Stone

Stone can be found in all areas of the Earth. Unlike brick, stone doesn’t need to be processed into its usable form using different materials. Brick, on the other hand, requires a more detailed and precise process to create the shapes used for buildings. The production process of stone is generally better for the environment and easier for this reason. There are different colors and types of stones that can be found in all remote corners of the world making it a very diverse product in terms of aesthetic quality and durability.

Cons of Stone

Crafting each piece of stone into the shape that is eventually used for the building is usually a lot harder than brick. Although bricks require a bit of extra effort during the initial manufacturing process, stone requires extra effort when producing a desired shape. Buildings that are made using stone also tend to be a lot colder on the inside. If you live in a colder climate, it is suggested to have an extra layer of insulation in order to keep your family warm during the winter months.

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