The Art of Brickwork – Avoiding Common Problems

The Art of Brickwork – Avoiding Common Problems

Brick and masonry are two of the best solutions to plan home exteriors. Brickwork provides a traditional charm to the homes of customers. Customers should choose bricks wisely to maintain longevity in their homes. Customers can seek professional advice from Turnbull Masonry to avoid these common mistakes when repairing or maintaining brickwork.

Avoiding Common Problems in Brickwork

  • Choosing the Wrong Method for Repair Work: One of the common mistakes that homeowners commit is using a modernized mortar to repair old brickwork. The older mortar is usually made of lime-based components. This has a softer effect when repairing older bricks and does not have a damaging effect. It is not a good idea to use a modern mortar to repair historical brickwork as this will only damage the old charm.
  • Avoiding Efflorescence: Efflorescence occurs in brickwork when water enters the brick and the salt within rises to the surface, creating an unattractive coating. Customers should take measures to minimize efflorescence to maintain brickwork for more years. During the installation of bricks, customers should ensure the contractor takes preventive measures to avoid this mistake. Turnbull Masonry professionals help homeowners to take preventive measures to avoid this problem.
  • Rusting and Corrosion: Corrosion and rusting are caused by metal pipes used inside the brick wall. For example, a home constructed of brick walls also has water pipes in kitchens and bathrooms. Customers should ensure their contractors to use a protective layer to protect steel inside brick structures so that brickwork doesn’t get damaged with time. The Turnbull Masonry professionals ensure any steel present inside the brick structure is protected. There are two ways of doing this. Either the customer hires an external vendor to complete this requirement or they do this on their own. Customers must choose the most cost-effective way to complete this requirement to protect their brickwork.
  • Installation of Flashing Is Not Done Properly: Brickwork requires a basic foundation in its structure. The process of flashing is responsible for providing this foundation to the brick structure. Turnbull Masonry professionals ensure proper installation of flashing to avoid this mistake and retain the original properties of brickwork. If the flashing is not installed correctly in the brick structure, it can severely damage the structure and lead to collapse.
  • Neglecting Timely Maintenance: Brickwork requires routine maintenance like repairing cracks in bricks in a timely fashion to avoid damage. A homeowner whose home is in need of brick repair should contact Turnbull Masonry professionals for timely and annual maintenance of brick walls to avoid major investments in more costly repair work. If bricks are poorly maintained, they can cause severe safety issues to homeowners and others in the surrounding. Homeowners should also focus on keeping brick walls clean which helps the brickwork to last longer and stay beautiful.

Adopt Power Washing Method to Clean Brickwork

The power washing method maintains the brickwork in a better manner and safely removes dirt from bricks without causing any severe damage to bricks. Before homeowners get the brickwork cleaned, they should mention whether it is older brickwork or more current. Selecta cleaning method to ensure damage does not occur when cleaning the brickwork.


Turnbull Masonry educates customers about common problems to avoid in brickwork. They help customers to maintain and repair brickwork in a cost-effective and timely manner. Seeking professional advice from Turnbull Masonry regarding maintenance and cleanliness of brickwork is important. Turnbull Masonry provides effective solutions for repairing brickwork and retaining the old charm of brick buildings for customers. If customers take proper advice, they can maintain brickwork for years to come.