The Benefits of Concrete

The Benefits of Concrete

In Toronto, and around the entire Ontario region, concrete is a popular building material. As a fundamental part of any community, concrete is a great option for a number of reasons. You’ve likely heard how cost-effective concrete is for building projects, but it has many more great qualities including environmental benefits. Let’s explore all that concrete has to offer for your next building project.

Strength, Durability, Resilience, and Best of All – Low Maintenance

Concrete delivers longevity to any building project, with strength and durability unmatched by other building materials. Concrete is so resilient, it is resistant to wind, water, and fire which means it does not burn, rust, or rot. It is tough, able to withstand vibrations and earthquakes, even withstanding extreme weather events like tropical storms. Plus, because concrete gets stronger as time passes, it lowers the cost of ownership and decreases environmental impacts.

Concrete is versatile, allowing it to be adapted to a variety of forms, surfaces, shapes, and textures. In addition, because of its strength and durability, as well as its fire resistance and sound insulation, concrete structures are ideal for building repurposing, further conserving resources and preserving the environment. Concrete is durable and long-lasting in any environment, with the promise of low-cost maintenance.

Low Carbon Footprint, Energy Efficient, Emission Free, and Recyclable

In addition to being among the most versatile of building materials, concrete is also among the most environmentally friendly. It offers the lowest carbon footprint for buildings as well as pavement over the course of its lifecycle. In fact, a recent study showed concrete’s carbon footprint is considerably less intense than those of comparable wood products. Concrete is also energy efficient. Utilizing concrete’s ability to store energy, known as thermal mass, it moderates temperatures, effectively reducing a building’s cooling and heating requirements annually. In doing so, concrete also means greater comfort for occupants in the event of power, water, or fuel outages. This also means reduced energy demands for cities across the board.

Not only is concrete the energy efficient choice for buildings and structures but also for pavement. In fact, in numerous studies, conducted over 50 years, the cost of maintain concrete pavement is one-third the cost of maintaining asphalt. Additionally, concrete pavement surfaces actually reduce fuel consumption as well as emissions from trucks and cars. Because concrete is lighter in color, the heat-island effect is lowered, thus reduced cooling requirements by day and lighting requirements by night. Concrete is also emission free, producing no VOCs (volatile organic compounds), gases, or toxic compounds. And if that wasn’t for you to embrace concrete for your next building project, keep in mind the materials used to make concrete exists all over the world in abundance, and concrete is 100 percent recyclable.

And Then There is Concrete’s Cost-Effectiveness

Concrete boasts a number of attributes – durability, energy efficiency, longevity, low maintenance, strength, recyclability, and more – but its most commonly known attribute is its cost-effectiveness. Concrete buildings have lower operating costs in regard to energy consumption and maintenance. Plus, insurance costs for concrete structures is generally lower than other structures, especially those crafted from materials which are prone to water and fire damage.

Starting Your New Commercial or Residential Concrete Project

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