The Importance of Fixing Bulging Bricks

The Importance of Fixing Bulging Bricks

Nothing is more stressful than seeing bricks or walls bulging. It creates a sinking feeling as you begin to worry about safety and how to fix it fast and accurately. The good news is that it can be fixed thanks to multiple solutions available.

And the bad news is, the bulging bricks are just the beginning. When not fixed; the problem could escalate and affect the whole structure. Therefore, to get a clear picture of the situation, look at the importance of fixing bulging bricks:

Prevent It From Collapsing

When you don’t fix the bricks, the worst-case scenario is it collapses. With time, the bulging bricks will give in to the external pressure. As a result, they collapse and affect your building structure integrity or stability.

Lastly, you move out with your household for a complete overhaul of the structure only to spend more cash. Also, it can take up to months for complete structure repair. But with fixing the bulging bricks at an early stage, can take a few days.

Saves Money

As you know, small cracks lead to major splits in the wall. And with bulging bricks, you can’t imagine the consequences. But with a quick fix of the bulging bricks, you can save money. It will cost less, and your structure stability is restored. What’s more, working with a professional earlier makes it easier to fix the issue irrespective of where they occur.

They can do this work with tenants in their homes without interfering with their privacy and safety. And to prevent further spending on such issues in the future, you can employ preventive measures on the entire wall. It’s economical and a smart money-saving technique.

Less Invasive

Fixing a bulge is less invasive as the problem is at an early stage. However, if you ignore it and the problem escalates to bowing from bulging, the fix will be messy. And if you delay further, it will be more expensive to repair and extremely invasive. In this case, the entire wall can be wrecked when fixing it.

Save Time

You don’t have to waste your valuable day getting all dirty trying to fix your wall. Professional masonry will fix everything for you including clearing the dirt from the wall. Therefore, you can come back home to a safe and secure property as if nothing had happened.


Safety is paramount, and not just to you, but to your household and everyone on your property. With the bulging bricks, it’s a major safety concern. It’s like a recipe for disaster. And to ensure, their safety is addressed, fixing bulging bricks is not optional.
Also, you must use professionals to ensure the structural integrity is restored. Avoid saving a few bucks by engaging a handyman, only to spend thousands later on penalties and laws suits.

Final Take

Fixing bulging brick requires skills, experience, precision, and essential tools for the perfect result. And these are the kind of expertise you can source from professional masonry. And don’t let the term professional scare you.

They offer great rates with a service guarantee. What’s more, with their help, you can ensure this never occurs in the future. And not just the bulging bricks only, but the entire walls of your property.

How to Fix Bulging Bricks

Now, that you know the importance of fixing bulging bricks, what’s your next move? With the help of professionals like Turnbull Masonry, you can fix your bricks with ease. Contact them at (+416-251-4555) and you will get all the help you need from fixing to prevent further recurrence of brick bulging.