Tips for Successful Historic Preservation

Tips for Successful Historic Preservation

Ready to do a historic preservation project? If so, you should know right off the bat that this is not an easy task by any means. However, we are here to help. Here at Turnbull Masonry, we are experts in these sorts of jobs. To assist you in properly rebuilding or restoring a historical site, we have prepared 5 tips for you to keep in mind to get this job done successfully!

5 Tips for Successful Historic Preservation

1. Work with a Company That Understands Historic Preservation

First thing’s first, you simply cannot expect effective historic preservation if you don’t work with the right people. Hiring contractors that understand how historic preservation works will save you a lot of headaches in the future. At Turnbull Masonry, we have ample experience working on some of Toronto’s oldest buildings.

2. Get in Touch with the Proper Authorities

Before you touch a structure or site with any sort of historical importance, it is important that you are doing so in a safe and legal manner. Be sure to look up who is in charge of the site, whether it be a private owner or government authority. In the case that you need to get government approval, know that it will often be a long and stressful process. When working with a private owner, though, things are generally less strict.

3. Try to Get a Grant

Many different government and local organizations are willing to assist with the financial aspects of historical sites. Especially if it adds to the overall utility and positive dynamic of the site’s atmosphere. Or, if the site being repaired can bring about further economic activity such as tourism. Remember that there are lots of people with lots of money that might be willing to help you. Search through the options that exist for getting financial help. Apply for a government grant, ask philanthropic organizations for assistance, seek out private investors, and so on.

4. Keep Detailed Records

One of the best ways you can ensure that your job is successful is to leave good records. In a couple of hundred years, the work you do now could be easily forgotten. This is why it is important to pass down detailed information and records to those who take care of the site in the future. Records show exactly all the steps and processes that you went through in order to do your historical preservation.

5. Follow Original Methods & Techniques However Possible

In order to rebuild or restore a historical site to what it once was, it’s important that you follow the original methods and techniques to the best of your ability. Read up on all of the history behind the site. Think about the tools, materials, and processes that the original builders went through. Your job is to try and duplicate this.

Final Tips and Ideas to Keep in Mind

Remember that historic preservation is not a task that you should take lightly. You need to take special precautions during each step of the process or you can make small mistakes that turn into bigger ones. The idea here is to rebuild or restore the building to its previous glory. If you don’t take the necessary precautions, you can easily make irreversible mistakes. Consider all variables and factors, including the ones described above, for your upcoming historic preservation project.

Need help with an upcoming historical preservation project in Toronto? If so, get in contact with Turnbull Masonry today and receive a quote!