What is a Masonry Foundation?

What is a Masonry Foundation?

We are breaking down what a masonry foundation is, how they work, and some of the most common types of masonry foundation used by modern contractors.

Did you know that the foundation of your Toronto home is one of the most important aspects of its construction? Every sturdy home is the result of a solid, wel-built masonry foundation.

The Importance of a Masonry Foundation in Toronto

To describe them simply, a masonry foundation is the basic outline of your Toronto home. They are constructed using strong materials that make up the base structure walls. In other words, a masonry foundation is the heart and soul of a sturdy structure.

When the masonry foundation is carefully planned and put together, your home will naturally be able to last a long time. A hastily constructed foundation can result in major structural issues for your home down the line. Below, we will describe what a masonry foundation is in greater detail.

3 Facts About Sturdy Masonry Foundations

Provides a Strong Base for the Structure

Without a strong masonry foundation, homes would have to be installed directly on soil or whatever form of material is locally present. If you live in an area where something naturally soft, such as soil, is abundant you will need a strong masonry foundation or else the entire structure would sink.

Once you have the proper location picked out for your home, builders will strategically pinpoint where the base of your home’s walls will be. The placement and design of the masonry itself crucial to ensuring a long lasting structure. For this reason, there are various techniques for laying a strong masonry foundation.

Placed on Strong Locations with Minimal Risk

Just as you wouldn’t build your home on top of something fragile like sand, a masonry foundation needs to be put into a location with minimal risk. Things like shifting soil can quickly cause a masonry foundation to fail and ruin the structure that is eventually placed on top of it.

This is why the best masonry foundations are placed on strong surfaces, such as bedrock. If necessary, the design, width, and depth of the masonry foundation are altered to best suit the needs of the location, the structure’s plans, and so on. The main idea is that there is little-to-no risk involved when the building is finally complete.

Sometimes Also Used on the Structure Walls

Once the basic foundation is installed, the contractors will start to focus their attention on the walls that will make up the structure of your home. Sometimes the same material used in the masonry foundation can be continued upwards to create the walls of the structure you are building.

However, oftentimes builders will only use a particular form of masonry for the foundation before adjusting things to make the walls of the structure more aesthetically pleasing. In either case, a knowledgeable team of builders will be able to do these things without risking the sturdiness or integrity of your finished project.

Common Types of Masonry Foundation

Typically, masonry foundations are constructed using considerably strong materials such as steel, bricks, stone, and so on. There are various different methods for creating a sturdy masonry foundation. In addition, soil type, the presence of bedrock, water flow, and other various factors are taken into account to build a solid foundation.

Perhaps the most common type of masonry foundation is one made from concrete blocks. Concrete blocks are remarkably strong, heavy, and affordable to make, while standing the test of time.

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