What to Look for When Seeking the Right Mason

What to Look for When Seeking the Right Mason

Do-it-yourself projects can be very fun and exciting. They allow you to interact with what you’re building and apply a personal touch. However, when it comes to masonry, your expertise in this field is essential. 

Thus, unless you are a mason, you need to hire one for such projects. They’ll not only work on the project in line with the building code but also accommodate intricate designs.  That said, here are what to look for when seeking the right mason:


You can start at the local municipal or housing authority where you can get details about a particular contractor. You can confirm whether they have a license to run construction projects within the state and your community. While not all states require masons to have licenses, it’s still important to confirm. 

Also, use this opportunity to check if there are any claims on the masonry company before giving them a chance. If you discover complaints, reaching out to the parties can help shed more light on the matter. Also, proof of insurance is an important detail to check in this place. 


Interviews can help you uncover more essential details. For example, you can ask about their work experience. You can confirm if they’ve worked on a similar project before. And also, confirm the range of services they have experience in. The best pick is a mason with experience in everything when it comes to masonry. 

Review Several Bids

To get the best offer and quality service, reviewing more than one bid can help. Therefore, shortlist your favorite candidate and ask for their bidding. Also, use this chance to discover how they charge. Is it an hourly rate or according to measurements, let’s say per square meter or square foot? 

Cost of Material

Some people prefer providing their own choice of material to the contractors. As such, they would order and deliver the materials on site for the contractors to use. Other people prefer when the contractor handles everything including procuring the construction material. So, what do you prefer? Also, it’s important to note that some masons require the client to order and deliver the materials on site. 


While their resume can be compelling, especially the biddings, you still need to review some of their previous work. If possible, ask for previous clients’ contacts, especially those whose projects are similar to yours. You can call them to learn about their experience with that particular company. For better insight, you can visit some of the projects and inspect them in person. At the site, inspect how the bricks have been laid and the state of the mortar. 

Ask for Portfolio

There’s an artistic element when it comes to masonry. As such, many contractors take photos of their previous jobs and document them. Thus, you can ask the contractor to provide you with a portfolio if they have one. The portfolio will reveal the expertise of the mason in various projects. And that’s the moment when you can discover if your project is among them. 

Examine the Contract

A professional contract must include the start and the completion date of the project. It must highlight the payment schedule, cost, and work plan. Also, the contract should include a guarantee of service. Last but not least, the contract must specify that the contractor is responsible for clean-up. 

Final Take 

Now that you have an idea of what to look for in a mason, are you ready for the next step? Well, you can shortlist potential candidates and compare their services to see who’s the best fit for the job. As you do so, remember to look into Turnbull Masonry and its services. You can use the above criteria and you’ll love their quality of service. For more details, reach out to them via +1 416-251-4555 or their site.