Why You Should Not Avoid Brick Damage

Why You Should Not Avoid Brick Damage

It’s a fact that bricks can last for decades or even centuries with proper maintenance. However, they are like other building materials when it comes to damages. They need regular repairs so that they can stand the test of time. Some of the common signs of mortar damage include cracks, bulging walls, aging mortar, and crumbling. 

But if you have a keen eye, you can notice the damage even before the cracks and crumbling begin.  As such, it’s important to examine your brick structure for any damages and call masonry if you find any. However, if you chose to ignore it, there are expensive consequences to face. And here is why you should not avoid brick damage:

Structural Damage

Structural damage can be severe or partial depending on the size of the damage and the area damaged. So, when you ignore brick damage on the wall and it escalates, expect partial structural damage. And this can lead to a complete redo of the entire wall. On the other hand, if the brick damage is on the foundation and you ignore it, the impact is disastrous. You may have to evacuate the building and completely redo the entire foundation. 

Building Collapses 

Sometimes, ignoring minor damage may lead to extreme losses like the building collapsing. This can occur when the damage extends and affects not only the structural frame but also the foundation. As a result, the building integrity weakens and ends up collapsing. 

Shorter Lifespan of the Brick

The brick comes with a longer span when it’s in pristine condition. However, damages can shorten its lifespan. But with a timely repair, you can restore the durability of the brick. However, most people ignore damages that seem minor like crack and crumbling, and as such, the brick condition worsens beyond repair. 

Brick Erosion

Brick erosion is common among low-quality bricks and uncommon in quality ones. However, when there is damage to the brick, even the top-notch quality bricks cannot withstand erosion. It’s even worse if the damage is brick crack or crumble. Therefore, to avoid losing more bricks on your wall, then you need to repair worn-out bricks. 


There are age-related damages. When some of the bricks on your structure hit the age limit, then deterioration is imminent. As such, there will be loss of color, cracking, flaking, and chipping. When this occurs, you need to respond urgently, else, more bricks will be affected including those in good shape. What’s more, age-damaged bricks disintegrate quicker since they are weak with no structural strength. 

Loss of Aesthetic Value

The beauty of a brick as a structural or decoration material is unsurpassed. It creates a unique ambiance in your environment and is quite comforting to the eyes. Also, it’s complementary and rewarding to your living space.  

However, any damage to the brick is an injury to its aesthetics. It dampens the vibrant looks of this building material by creating unsightly scenes like crumbling debris, cracks, and wall bulging, among others.  

Therefore to avoid this kind of loss among others on this list, call a professional masonry. The earlier you fix the damages the lesser the losses and cost of repair, that you will incur. 


Finally, keep your home or building safe by contacting masonry service if there is any damage to your wall. It’s less expensive to repair than bearing the cost of a structural overhaul when the damage surpasses repair. With a company like Turnbull Masonry, they will help you fix up any brick damages. 

They can repair or restore damages on historic homes, contemporary houses, and commercial premises. In addition, you can use their help in the inspection and identification of hidden damages on your home or building