The Importance of Historic Preservation in Toronto

The Importance of Historic Preservation in Toronto

Historic preservation is the only way to keep the history of Toronto alive – and Toronto is home to so much fascinating history. From archeologists to architects, a great number of experts work in the field of preservation. At Turnbull Masonry, we also work hard to preserve the history of Toronto through historic restoration of homes and buildings. Properly restoring a home that has been around longer than you or I requires careful consideration and attention to detail.

Historic Preservation, Rehabilitation & Reconstruction

When it comes to fixing up a historic home or famous landmark, there are three key terms to know: historic preservation, historic rehabilitation and historic reconstruction.

Historic preservation is the restoration of a building so that it remains sound and stable for years to come without taking anything away from the way the building looked throughout history. This involves re-using as many original materials as possible.

Historic reconstruction is applied to structures that are too far gone to survive without reconstruction. While new materials are used in the reconstruction, the goal is to keep the building looking as close to the original structure as possible.

Historic rehabilitation requires more work than preservation but less interference than reconstruction. This often transforms the building so that it fits a new modern-day purpose, while still staying true to its original historical importance and design.

4 Reasons it’s Important to Preserve Toronto’s History

A Link to the Past

It’s not just about reusing old bricks, it’s about saving the links to the past that remain. So much information about how our ancestors lived are embedded in the walls of our oldest structures, and that’s not something we want to lose. By preserving historical homes and buildings we preserve our identity as a society. We are lucky to still have so many historical properties in Toronto, and the care that has been taken to preserve these structures for our generation should be passed down to future generations.

Historical Buildings Build Upon a City’s Economic and Cultural Standing

Older buildings often become a site for tourists to visit, they give a city character and charm. When old buildings are scrapped in exchange for modern high-rise apartments, a city begins to lose a piece of its past and identity, which isn’t good for overall appeal when it comes to attracting tourists or sparking feelings of ‘home’ amongst locals.

Another way that historical properties help maintain our local economy is that they cost more money to preserve and upkeep – thus producing jobs for many locals.

Historical Architecture is Good for the Brain

It’s true! There’s a relatively new area of neuroscience called neuroaesthetics that theorizes beauty in art makes the human mind happy. Scientists can actually track brain wave activity when people see something beautiful and what pleases the eye tends to please the soul. It’s easy to argue that historical architecture remains some of the most beautiful works of art out there.

Heritage Increases Property Values

A historical setting actually increases home values, making a property more unique and noteworthy. Anyone can construct a brand-new building surrounded by other brand-new buildings, but it’s the historical areas that are worth spending more on because they cannot be duplicated.

Official recognition of a historical property almost always boosts the value of the sale when compared to non-designated properties that would otherwise share the same value.

Historic Restoration in Toronto

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