How to Keep Interior Bricks in Good Condition

How to Keep Interior Bricks in Good Condition

In Toronto, interior brick walls are a common feature in homes and businesses. They add warmth, beauty and charm, but they also require a special level of care to keep them looking their best. Since brick is a porous material, it stains easily and isn’t always the easiest surface to clean.

We’ve put together our favorite tricks to help keep your interior bricks looking great and lasting a long time. 

4 Tips to Maintain Interior Brickwork

#1. Keep Bricks Clean

Clean bricks are beautiful bricks, but that’s often easier said than done. Old brick is especially porous and prone to crumbling and so it requires extra special care. With old brick, use a cloth dipped in a mixture of water and vinegar to gently wipe away stains.

Be careful using any strong cleaners as they can harm brick surfaces. Always test your cleaning solution on a small and discreet section of the wall before using it all over. This will ensure it doesn’t discolor or damage the brickwork.

Once you know your solution is good to go, simply spray it on the stained areas and then use your soft cleaning cloth to rub at the stain. You may need to use a coarse bristle brush to remove more stubborn stains – just make sure to apply light pressure so you don’t damage sensitive brickwork.

If at-home tricks don’t work to clean brick stains, you may need to call in the professionals. We are more than happy to help – contact us today to learn more.

#2. Seal Interior Brickwork

Sealing exterior brickwork isn’t always the best idea because moisture is more prevalent outside and needs to be able to freely move in and out of the surface. Interior brick is a little different, especially if it is located in an area where there isn’t exposure to much moisture – unlike the kitchen or bathroom.

When applied under the right circumstances, a brick sealant can protect your wall from deteriorating and preserve its natural beauty and coloring. There are two different types of sealants to pick from: matte and gloss finish. A gloss finish will add brightness to the wall, while a matte finish maintains a more authentic brick look.

#3. Re-consider Painting Interior Brick

Painting a brick wall might be tempting, but before you bust out the paint colors, make sure it’s something you really want to do. Removing paint from brick is a tricky task and you may never be able to restore the original color of brickwork after it’s been painted. In addition, stripping paint from brick can actually damage the outer layer of bricks. Therefore, we advise against painting brick walls any trendy or bold colors that you might want to change down the road.

#4. Look Out for Moisture

Certain parts of your home are much more prone to moisture damage than others. For instance, interior brick walls that are located in a bathroom or kitchen are far more likely to become damaged by water than a brick wall in a living room or bedroom. No matter where your wall is situated, check it over for moisture damage on a regular basis. If mortar joints are cracked, crumbly, or worn away, it’s time to repoint them to protect against further damage.

Bathroom walls that are unsealed or badly grouted are prone to mold and other issues so stay on top of any issues you notice and contact a professional right away.

If you have interior brick walls in your Toronto home or commercial location, the professionals at Turnbull Masonry are here to keep them looking like-new for many years to come. We specialize in new and historic brickwork. Learn more