The Importance of Preparing Your Fireplace Before Winter

The Importance of Preparing Your Fireplace Before Winter

The cold winter days can be so daunting, but the warmth from the fireplace is quite comforting. However, the good times besides the fireplace can turn disastrous if you forgot to clean it up earlier. 

It’s a leading cause of fire outbreaks in homes and sometimes leads to poisoning by carbon monoxide. However, these accidents are only possible in houses with unmaintained fireplaces. And that’s why professional cleaning of a chimney is essential. That said, here is the importance of preparing your fireplace before winter: 

Improves Efficiency

Cleaning the fireplace comes in handy in two ways when it comes to efficiency. It helps reduce the cost of keeping it running during winter and also in maintaining the environment clean. When the fireplace is clean, it works efficiently and enables complete combustion of the wood. As a result, no carbon monoxide finds its way into the environment. At the same time, complete combustion means more heat and less fuel used to generate the heat. 

Boosts the Flue Liner Lifespan

Flue liner is a very important part of the chimney. It protects your house against fire outbreaks from the chimney. Also, it stops carbon monoxide from seeping into your home through spaces and cracks in the wall. 

And when the heat is highest in the chimney, it works as an insulator. It ensures there is no structural damage to the chimney. Lastly, it serves as a protective layer against corrosive smoke and sparks from the fire. So, when you professionally clean the fireplace, the flue liner lifespan increases.

Fulfill Insurance Requirements

Nowadays, it’s a requirement by insurance companies to have annual chimney clean-up and inspection. And this is one way you can ensure you will get compensation in case of fire damage. Some people fail to realize this on time. As such, they lose their compensation for fire outbreaks as a result of the fireplace. 

Further, your claim can be valid if the clean-up was professionally done. That means you should have records and receipts from a certified company to prove your chimney clean-up claim. And that’s what you get when you work with a professional fireplace clean-up and repair company. 

Unveils any Structural Damage on the Chimney

When your fireplace is dressed in a thick layer of soot, it’s hard to tell whether it needs repair or not. But after a thorough clean-up, you will be able to spot structural damage if it’s there. As such, you can repair any minor damage early with the help of professional masonry. However, if the damage remains hidden in the soot, the problem could worsen cost more. 

Eliminate Pests and Obstructions 

After winter, your fireplace tends to be dormant in the following seasons. As a result, pests like rodents, birds, and insects turn into their home. They would collect debris, grasses, and twigs to make the chimney comfortable. And when winter comes, the place is clogged up. But a cleaning group will ensure all the pests’ debris plus the pests are no more. And your chimney is super clean and ready for use in winter.  

Turnbull Masonry

Lastly, you can turn the fireplace cleaning into a habit by scheduling for seasonal or annual cleaning. This will keep your chimney fresh and ready to use anytime. Also, it reduces the potential for fire hazards or carbon monoxide poisoning, among other damages. 

And if you want the cleaning done by a certified company, call Turnbull Masonry. They will give your chimney a thorough and professional clean-up that will last longer. They will reach out to the hidden corners and ensure no dirt is left behind.