Why Summer is the Perfect Time To Repair Masonry

Why Summer is the Perfect Time To Repair Masonry

From chimneys to retaining walls, walkways to fireplaces, home exteriors to freestanding walls, summer is the ideal time to have your masonry inspected and repaired. As a homeowner, you know masonry projects are crafted for longevity, which often means maintenance and repair are relegated to the end of your to-do list for home repairs, but even the most well-constructed masonry projects are affected by the elements over time. The freeze/thaw process as well as snow, sleet, and rain take their toll on masonry and cause deterioration over time.  

The problem is these masonry issues develop slowly, which means a professional inspection is often in order to ensure no small issues are about to cause big problems for you and your home. Weather elements are always a concern in the greater Toronto area and Turnbull Masonry is here to help with an explanation of why summer is the perfect time to inspect and repair cracks or crumbles in your  masonry.

Summertime Masonry Repairs 

From not only a practical perspective but a logistical one, masonry repairs during summer make the most sense for homes in need of repairs. Summer is an ideal work environment for professional masons with more daylight hours to get the job done right. Plus, summer weather promotes better sealing and setting to help ensure a job well done. Summer is also the perfect time to add waterproofing applications to masonry projects to prevent water from seeping in and causing damage. For chimney and fireplace masonry repair and restoration projects, summer is the perfect time because it doesn’t impact the use of your fireplace and gatherings around the cozy fireplace in fall and winter. 

Keep Your Masonry Strong and Avoid Further Damage

No matter if you have an older home and want to repair a brick corner, or if you need a full restoration of a brick structure, calling on the professionals to keep your masonry strong and avoid further damage is the right choice. Here are some areas of concern to consider in regard to repairing your masonry and keeping it strong.

Spalling Brickwork is often a result of weathering. When you see portions of brickwork falling away, decay and deterioration are occurring. Spalling needs to be addressed quickly not only to prevent further damage but to ensure your structure remains sound. 

Discoloration is another sign of masonry in need of repair. Look for white, red, green, black, or brown staining and call in the experts to address the problem quickly to avoid future, more extensive problems.

A common masonry repair is the replacement or repair of your home’s chimney cap. Your home’s chimney cap may be damaged by inclement weather, strong winds, or even animals and should be repaired quickly to keep out debris, water, animals, and more. 

Masonry leaks are another area of concern when it comes to masonry’s longevity. Leaks can cause cracking, crumbling, discoloration, mold growth, rust, and more. Waterproofing, along with crown and flashing repair can resolve leak problems and preserve your home’s masonry.  

The erosion of mortar joints requires repointing, which is removing and replacing the joints with new mortar to maintain structural integrity. Repointing may be required as a result of moisture damage or poor construction and should be done by the experts to ensure matching materials and quality workmanship.  

Masonry Repair and Restoration

With appropriate care and maintenance, your home’s masonry will last a long time. Even so water and weather, along with settling may result in the need for repairs and restoration to ensure aesthetics as well as structural integrity. The expert team at Turnbull Masonry is ready to identify and repair your masonry this summer, call today and get the process started.